Monday, October 8, 2018

Dunwoody Planning Commission to discuss 900 condos in Perimeter Center on Tuesday Night

Planning Commission starts at 6 pm, Tuesday Night.

Grubb Properties is seeking to redevelop a largely underutilized and outdated office park into a vibrant mixed use development. As indicated on the submitted site plan, the owner plans to build four residential buildings with a maximum height of 14 stories and eight townhome units. In total, the residential buildings will contain a maximum of 900 new residential units, all of which will be for sale condo units. Two of the existing office buildings (Buildings 41 and 47), will remain. Along the south portion of the site, one five-story, 92,686 square foot office building (Building 53), will be eventually demolished to make way for a new 19-story office tower, containing up to 500,000 square feet of class A office space.

The proposed development will be served by a new east to west primary street connection and a new north to south secondary street connection that will provide internal pedestrian and bicycle connectivity between the office, and residential components. As well, a new secondary street connection is proposed along the northern and eastern side of the lot. The submitted site plan also indicates that the existing streets and frontages along Perimeter Center East will be designed to meet the Perimeter Center Overlay requirements for landscape strips, sidewalks, and street trees.

The development also includes more than 2 acres of park space with amenities. The owner has agreed to construct a pedestrian crossing over Perimeter Center East into a newly constructed 12-foot multi-use path that will bisect the subject property, and longer-term could extend to the Perimeter Mall and MARTA. Parking for the development will be shared amongst three parking decks that will not exceed a maximum of five stories. Also, several onstreet parking spaces will be included into the new street designs. Depending on financing availability for the residential units and market conditions, the project will be developed in phases with project build-out estimated to be achieved in approximately 10 years.

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