Monday, August 18, 2008

Dunwoody Police Task Force Report

The Citizens for Dunwoody Police Task Force report is now available on line.

Is this right size department for Dunwoody or should we start with a smaller one and grow to this level? Even if we wanted to fund this department proposal which is well in excess of the Carl Vinson Institute of Government projections, how can we?

Tough questions, without easy answers.


Rick said...

$800 per pistol? What are they buying, Les Baer 1911's? Glock LE pricing (with three magazines) is way under $500 per gun.

I noticed the Task Force is only ordering 7 rifles yet we'll have 28 patrol cars. They need to change the pistol cost to $500 each and move that $15,000 difference to the 'rifle' column.

Also, you can't get much of an AR for $725. I guess no ACOGs for DPD.

Notcar1 said...

Interesting read. The only thing missing is the issure near and dear to the hearts of all veteran Dekalb officers.

What is the pension?

If I leave Dekalb's 2.75% per year of service pension, what do I get from Dunwoody? The only thing currently keeping me with DKPD is the pension.

SuperAwesomeD'woodyBODYSLAMAndASideOfCRAZYSAUCE said...

"start with a smaller one and grow to this level"...? WHAT? The task force report makes it clear that their recommendations would create a 'bare bones' police force. While there are a few areas where it looks like the proposed budget could be adjusted, it looks a little under estimated from the get go. Even considering the transition period and the 'shared services' model, I am not sure how anyone could responsibly suggest to start smaller.

I hope that no council members would ever suggest that we should staff our law enforcement department based on the lowest statistics possible... population 37,000, 'favorable demographic structure (what does that even mean), no real current traffic data, etc. The citizens need to be protected, and feel safe or this idea of a 'favorable demographic structure' can change very quickly!

The CVI study was miscalculated, that has been obvious for a while. Basing projections (of any kind, not just law enforcement)on a Dunwoody population of < 40,000 is irresponsible. Using Toccoa, Ga. for comparative analysis is at best a very bad joke.

So John, you are the one running for council...

How can we fund a police force that can adequately protect it's citizens (both daytime and nighttime), work proactively to keep crime minimal and respond quickly to emergencies without raising taxes, since we all heard for over a year that would not happen?