Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Frequent question, What Dunwoody Voting District do I live in?

I talked to bunch of parents registering their children for school today and the biggest question being asked was, what voting district do I live in? When I was at Chesnut Elementary, it was relatively easy because the only variable for the area was what side of North Peachtree Road did they live on? Over at Vanderlyn and then back at Peachtree Middle; the question was much harder to answer.

There are three Dunwoody Voting Districts and they were divided based on census population.

District 1, starts at the Fulton/Sandy Springs line on the west and is everything west of Chamblee Dunwoody and south of Mt. Vernon. The line follows Mt. Vernon east from Chamblee Dunwoody until it hits Mt. Vernon Way and the district line heads North until the street hits Withmere Way. At that point the district line turns right on Withmere Way and left on Barcroft Way and another left (north) on Windsong Drive and finally an immediate left on Windsong Trail until it hits Dunwoody Club. The district is basically everything North of Mt. Vernon and west of Mt Vernon Way and then south of Mt Vernon it is everything west of Chamblee Dunwoody.

District 2 is the middle district and is basically between Chamblee Dunwoody & North Peachtree Road, south of Mt. Vernon and between Mt. Vernon Way & the inter section of Mt. Vernon and Dunwoody Club.

District 3, is everything East of North Peachtree Road up to Mt. Vernon and over to the Gwinnett & Doraville lines.

Check out the large pdf map.

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