Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm an introvert behind the microphone and an extrovert on the computer.

Tonight was the big political forum in Dunwoody where the candidates had the ability to stand up say a few words and then answer questions from the panel.

I went on at the very end and it was amazing how this blog and more specifically my priorities as published yesterday covered almost every single question that the panel presented, be it zoning, police, parks, traffic, coordination with schools, and transparency in government. The one question that every candidate was asked was regarding the contracting out of city services and up to today I was probably the most vocal Candidate of the City Council who questioned what the end product would look like and would it be best for Dunwoody? Tonight a few others also spoke up against accepting the bid of a single bidder unless they were convinced that the price matched the services and that it was best for the city. Like yesterday's blog entry, I stated that it was the single most important decision to be made by the City Council since it will drastically affect the way that the city operates for the next six years.

Public speaking is not my thing, I'll do it if I have to but I don't enjoy it. Believe it or not, I actually shy away from the spotlight and would rather talk about anything but brag about myself or what I have done. Someone used the term Work Horse vs. Show Horse and I think I could live with that description for myself. Plenty of people congratulated me after the event and said I did great. As I stood there shaking hand after hand, many stated that they follow this blog and that they appreciated the time and effort that I put forward on behalf of the community.

There was the sweetest lady who stated before the event that I had earned her vote many months ago because of the way that I give politicians hell on this site and that she especially came tonight to see me in action. I didn't get a chance to talk to her after the event but I keep wondering if I was able to covey the same message that I could behind the keyboard? Probably nothing close. I went in with a few crib notes but barely touched half of the topics I wanted to cover, my microphone presence was load and domineering, my delivery was all over the place and I could have answered the questions much better.

Don't get me wrong, I was probably fine to many who saw it but I know that I personally could have done better relaying the messages that I wanted to convey. I know I was passionate about the topics I covered, conveyed honest emotion and concern about what I felt was best for the city. I think I connected with people at least on some level because of it. Oh well, I am who I am and I'm not going to change that now in the next two weeks.

For my readers who introduced themselves last night, thank you for coming out because it was meeting you that I enjoyed the most. Thank you.


Rick said...

Great job last night, John. I heard that another district was having a separate local forum for their district's candidates. Anyone think District 1 should host something in the next two weeks exclusively for D1 candidates?

themommy said...

I think that would be great, Rick. Several of my neighbors have been hosting coffees for the candidates but that isn't quite the same. It would be nice to compare and contrast.

Gil said...

I'm impressed with the volume of your web communication and feel I must vote for you. I've enjoyed your blog over the past few weeks having just discovered it recently. I would love to see you active on Twitter beyond blog feeds. Microblogging suits your introverted nature.

Twitter is a great tool that Dunwoody could really leverage in its months of start-up and initial operation. Companies use Twitter for customer service (@wholefoods). Why not be the first city to embrace this powerful technology? @kudcom