Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recruitment of the Dunwoody City Manager & Police Chief

The Human Resources Task Force met with the candidates Wednesday evening and discussed policy recommendations for the recruitment of the City Manager / Police Chief and the police force.

These and the previously discussed reports are now public records and available online for your reading pleasure at:

The Governor's Commission is meeting this evening (Thursday) at 7 pm at Dunwoody United Methodist Church to have the task force reports presented to them in a very abbreviated format. This meeting is open to the public, so feel free to attend.

Since I am the one posting the reports as well as being a candidate for City Council, I have been receiving a number of calls & e-mails regarding the content of the reports. Where appropriate I have replied to the inquiries or if needed I have forwarded the e-mails to the Task Force Chairman for their comment or reply.

I like many in the community am still absorbing all of the information but if you have specific concerns or questions, please do raise them. Call someone on the task force for clarification, post a comment on this blog, write a letter to the Crier; do whatever you need to do to raise your concerns over what is being proposed in these reports. The future city council will be looking for your feed back in order to make some tough funding decisions, which once made will be setting a president for future policy decisions.

If you the residents don't voice concerns or ask questions now while we the candidates are looking for your vote; it might be a little to do so come September 17th. I urge you to get informed & ask the tough questions of the candidates now.

The future of Dunwoody is at stake.


G Man said...

How much are the city police officers going to be paid? I was told it was less than $30k salary for an experienced officer and it would be impossible to hire a competent police force at that rate. Rumor ?

Rick said...

g man, open the Task Force PDF file John has linked and you'll see this is not true.

Rick said...

August 20, 2008
Comments on the Dunwoody Police Task Force Report (Part 1)

The choice of the two Glock pistols in .45 is excellent. (models 21 & 30). Based on the price of $800 per unit the Task Force must be including tritium night sights, an internal laser, and/or perhaps a rail mounted light/laser combination. Even with these features the pistol price should be much lower, probably closer to $600.

Although the Remington 870 has been a popular choice for LE, the general trend now is to use the 870 as a less-lethal extended impact launching device (beanbags). Police departments across the country are now realizing the limitations of the shotgun in the suburban environment. Lastly, if the shotgun were to be purchased they should be stored up front with the officer. Keeping it in the trunk will cause the weapon to rust.

The department should purchase AR-15 rifles for every officer, instead of shotguns. Using 55 grain LE ammo the .223 caliber round will have greatly reduced penetration through solid objects. The Glock round and the pellets from a shotgun blast will penetrate 9-12 walls of normal suburban construction while the 55 grain .223 round will penetrate only 2.5 walls due to the round’s low cross sectional density.

Thaddeus Osbourne Dabell (TOD) said...

First, thanks for posting this information. You seem to be the only operative of Citizens for Dunwoody with an actual commitment to an informed citizenry.

Good luck in the upcoming campaign.

Sebastian said...

Who are the candidates for Chief of Police? I havent heard anything.

sittinbackwatchin said...

I hear interviews have been completed but the whos who of Dunwoody are tight lipped as to who their looking at. Don't know if thats good or bad??

John Heneghan said...

Sorry I am not in the know as to who exactly is being interviewed but I believe that most of them are still actively working in high ranking positions locally.

Think about it, if Vernon Jones knew that Terrell Bolton might be interviewing for the Dunwoody job; do you thing that T-BO would be working for DeKalb much longer?

That was just a hypothetical, but then again since I don't know who is being interviewed; maybe Terrell Bolton is at the top of the short list? Don't really know?