Sunday, November 30, 2008

Billboards invade Dunwoody hours before Cityhood

On Sunday November 30 at 5:30 p.m., Action Outdoor Advertising of Alpharetta ensured that their construction crew worked through the rainy afternoon erecting a double sided, 50 foot sign on the Chevron Gas Station property at the corner of Chamblee Dunwoody & I-285. When I heard of the sign being erected just hours before the new City of Dunwoody were to begin operations, I ran over and asked for the building permit which I believe should be posted and/or a sign permit.

The construction crew had no paperwork with them (not even the electrical permit as required by the sign permit) but the operator of the Chevron promised me the documents via e-mail. A few hours later I received the sign application and the sign permit but still no building permit was available.

If this sign, which is pointed not to the highway traffic on 285 but instead to the traffic on Chamblee Dunwoody was installed illegally, the cities attorney will be reviewing our options.


Heyward said...

On Sunday evening my wife and I drove by the construction of the billboard too. We were both shocked and knew that this was a company taking advantage of the transfer of power. Construction on Sunday evening??? Grandfathered in? Come on. Some thing smells bad here. I own a sign company and would love to see this new eye sore taken down.

Ellen Fix said...

Let's calm down and get real. It's a billboard in a heavily-trafficked, commercial area that has been completely paved over and built up for years. No uglier than the Chevron sign, hundreds of other storefronts along that strip or the asphalt they all sit on. And it's not obstructing any natural landmark or thing of beauty. Let it go.

Too bad this is not Vermont, where the entire state is billboard-free. Of course, they have a lot more natural beauty to preserve.

Jimmy said...

If the sign is illegal I hope the new city attorney sues the individual county employee who ok'ed the permit. I think Patrick Ejikee overstepped his authority when he ok'ed the sign for the Steak n Shake in Toco Hills and the facade changes on the condo's on Glaze Drive, where we are sueing the builder. Maybe if the individuals have to pay for their corruption and not the County taxpayers Corruption will go away.

Ilovemykids said...

When did that billboard go up behind Georgetown Plaza? It does face I-285, but I do not remember seeing the billboard last Sunday.