Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dunwoody RFP's are available on Boyken Site & due back by Nov 17th

If you are interested in bidding on a majority of Dunwoody's operational work, there are three Requests for Proposals that are now available on the Boyken International's website; all of which close on November 17th. There is also a Pre-Proposal Mandatory Conference on November 7, 2008 for all companies intentending to make a bid.

I have downloaded the RFPs and would have posted them on my site but Boyken would prefer that interested parties register on their site prior to being allowed a copy of the document; therefore I will provide the best link to get you there.

The three RFPs cover the areas of...

Financial & Administrative Services which includes Revenue, Capital and Investment Administration, Accounts payable/receivable, Budgeting/Forecasting, Risk Management, Purchasing, Information Technology, Website, GIS, Telephones, Contract Administration, Physical Plant, Administrative Communications, Public Relations, Records Management, Human Resources, and Election Support to list a few of the areas.

Community Development which includes Planning & Zoning, Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Building Inspections & Permiting, Geographic Infromation Systems, and possibly Code Enforcement.

Public Works which includes an inventory of City Assets, GIS, Comprehensive Transportation Plan, Street Maintenance & Striping, Sidewalks, Gutters, Stormwater, Traffic Signals, Parks & Recreation, Emergency Preparedness & Capital Improvements.

I didn't write the RFPs but as the past Chairman of the Citizens for Dunwoody Transportation Task Force I recognized a number of the points in the RFPs that were taken dircetly from the advice presented by the various task forces that were comprised of hundreds of Dunwoody volunteers. If I was going to be submitting a proposal, I would make sure that I was at least familure with what those committees put togeather, (not that they are perfect nor is there confirmation that the ideas presented would be followed by those currently elected) to see what they produced.


Unknown said...

If a potential bidder, or just an interested citizen, wanted to get a copy of the Finance and Administration Task Force report, where/how/who should they go?


Charlie Collins

Unknown said...

For exposure purposes, one other suggestion is to post the RFPs on the GLGA site, where so many other Georgia local governments post their RFPs and invitations to bi.

Charlie Collins

John Heneghan said...

Thank you Charles, we are exploring that means of dissemination.

I also found this and posted it.

Finance Admin Final Report

Sight Edman said...

It's a shame these task force reports weren't available before the referendum. Or...perhaps it was something other than a shame?

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