Monday, March 2, 2009

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day and by shaving my head for childhood cancer research.

Shaving my head to help cure childhood cancer.
Can you help me?

All four of my grandparents came to America from Ireland looking for a better life than Ireland had to offer at the time. I was raised by my Irish American parents in Chicago attending numerous Irish cultural and educational events so that I could know and remember my families history. I was married at Old Saint Patrick's Church, the oldest public building in the City of Chicago and the Church where my Grandfathers funerals took place. My Bride and I honeymooned in Ireland and we now have three wonderful sons, named Riley, Gavin & Declan.

I'll stop there since you get the point, I'm Irish.

In doing research on the upcoming cultural events (St. Patrick's Day Parade) to bring my boys to, I found a link to the St. Baldrick's charity event taking place at Fado Irish Pub whereby you can volunteer to shave your head to raise money to help find the cure for childhood cancer.

I remember reading about St. Baldrick's in the Dunwoody Crier and thought it would be a fun family event to introduce my children to performing works of charity towards others. Luckily my boys have been relatively healthy but we have known several local children and their families who have battled childhood cancer; therefore I am doing this with them in mind.

I would be honored if you would consider making a small donation this year to assist me in this effort. Donations are easily made on-line by clicking here or via mail by clicking here.

Please come along to Fado Irish Pub on Friday March 13th to join in the "Craic" (means good times).

I plan to get shaved around 3:30 or 4:00 and I wonder if I can talk Kristin into doing this?


Open+Transparent said...

I thought you already shaved your head!

John Heneghan said...

Nope not me, I have a full head of hair though I usually get a haircut every two to three weeks depending on what events I am attending. Actually since I am known to look for inexpensive ways to entertain my boys, I have been accused of doing this event to entertain them for the afternoon as well as save on haircuts for the next 3 months. (I'll never tell, ;-) )

Thanks to those who have already made a donation towards finding a cure to childhood cancer!

ApHowel said...


Is there a way to contact you to exchange Heneghan genealogical information. My great-grandfather, JOHN J. HENEHAN [HENEGHAN before immigrating] is from County Mayo, Ireland, Kilmaine.

I will monitor your blog for details.

Gary from Louisville

John Heneghan said...

Greetings Gary,

My paternal grandfather was William Heneghan from Tourmakeady, County Mayo with my grandmother being Nora Duffy who was from the same area since we know she was baptized at Ballintubber Abbey.

I have listed some good places to do research on Heneghan genealogy. Best of Luck


ttp:// - May be down?

ApHowel said...


Thanks for the information. I am sure that we share some Irish relatives. I will use the links you sent. I will contact you with more details about my Hene[g]han line.