Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chesnut Charter Elementary School is slated for ADA renovations, parking changes, improved ramps & curb cuts, restroom upgrades and a new elevator.

The DeKalb County School System just went out for a Request For Proposal for ADA modifications to Chesnut Charter Elementary School and the information from the DeKalb site can be found here.

If I was on the Chesnut parent council or had a child with special needs, I would want to either review or personally obtain the complete set of drawings (Available upon request for $25.00 check payable to the DeKalb County Board of Education, Sam A. Moss Service Center, 1780 Montreal Road, Tucker, Georgia 30084, 678-676-1331.) as well as attend the bidders Pre-Proposal Conference on Tuesday, March 31, 2009. See Link.

Since construction documents on the DeKalb site disappear soon after bid closing, I have taken the liberty to copy some of the rough plans here.

Renovations Include..
Phase I: Refurbishing of accessible parking areas

Repaint parking lot striping at handicapped parking spaces and adjacent access aisles, including existing curb ramps, in two locations: Bus drive at north side of building and lower lot adjacent to gym. Evaluate signage and replace if necessary.

Phase II: Curb cuts and/or on-grade accessible routes

Provide access to playground and playing field: Install new concrete sidewalk, extending from existing covered walkway in approximate location of existing asphalt walkway, along north side of gym, to level of playing field and playground “pods”.

Phase III: ADA-compliant ramps

Provide access to upper level paved playing court: Clear trees and grade embankment; install ADA-compliant switchback concrete ramp with handrail and guardrail, adjacent to existing concrete stairs. Approximate rise: 8’.

Phase IV: ADA-compliant restrooms

Renovate the schools restrooms to provide new ADA-compliant plumbing fixtures and accessories. Demo existing quarry tile floor and install new flooring. Patch walls as necessary to match existing glazed block. Install new toilet partitions for one new ADA-compliant 5’ stall and 4 new standard stalls (toilet plumbing locations will need to be shifted to accommodate new stall configuration). Install new plumbing fixtures, accessories and signage. Demo existing lighting and replace with new energy-efficient surface mounted fluorescent fixtures.

Phase V: New Elevator

Provide access between building levels, and to gym and playing field: Provide and install new ADA-compliant, 2- stop elevator at end of South hall, adjacent to existing stairwell, enclosed by a new addition on exterior wall. Minimize size of addition as much as practical. Reconfigure existing aluminum canopy at lower level to accommodate new addition. Provide machine room and elevator lobby as necessary.

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