Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Decatur bloggers discuss why local DeKalb County blogs are so successful.

This year Atlanta Magazine honored the tag team of DecaturMetro & inDecatur as the best local neighborhood blogs of Atlanta. Earlier this week their elusive writers were interviewed together on the Georgia Podcast Network, which was also mentioned in the Best of Atlanta edition, discussing how and why local blogs are thriving in DeKalb County. The story of DeKalb Blogs isn't new, Rusty Tanton first wrote about it March of 2008 and Griftdrift noted it again in his 2008 year end review.

If you want to listen to 36 minutes of insight as to what some of DeKalb's most influential bloggers have to say about the future of this medium and its uses, please check them out. I was even honored to be mentioned by name in their conversations of local blogs.

Listen (0:36:42)


Dave Kell said...

Thanks for the post, John.

Your blog certainly belongs in any list of top DeKalb County blogs. I check it every day.

Dave Kell

Rusty said...

Thanks for the embed John! You've been doing great work over here.