Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dunwoody Public School Boundaries

The following link will lead you to the site containing the maps defining the boundaries for each of the schools in the DeKalb Schools system. Please note that the school district cautions that these lines are subject to change on an annual basis and represent a depiction of the verbal description of the boundaries. In the event of a mismatch, the verbal description prevails.

A new Dunwoody-area elementary school is currently under construction. This school - which will be located on Womack Road near Georgia Perimeter College - will serve students in grades 4 & 5 for students living in the attendance areas of Austin ES, Chesnut ES and Vanderlyn ES. These schools will become PK-3 schools. Kingsley & Hightower will remain PK-5 schools.


DunwoodyParent said...

Blog traffic has decreased as of late so John posted this to get things going again. Just kidding, John. Thanks for the reminder that: kids from three schools can no longer walk or ride their bikes to school, will no longer serve as role models for K-3 students, will not attend school with younger siblings, will not attend class in the school closest to their home, will not be educated in a proven school model, will be participate in a study to see if a 4-5 school works. Special thanks to the fine folks opposed to redistricting. Also, how long do you think the 25% of seats empty on day one of school wil remain empty?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, the 2 years away from elementary school will do away with those nasty Austin and Vandelyn cliques that continue on into Peachtree.

DunwoodyParent said...


Yes it will. Now the Academy cliques will form, excluding kids from Kingsley for middle school.

Why not add 3rd graders to the Womack school to start the clique-bashing a year earlier?

I think there are bigger issues here than cliques, but point taken.