Friday, March 20, 2009

Google Street View Maps and a Custom Search for Dunwoody

It appears that the Google mapping mobile has driven through Dunwoody since almost every street including my own, has been mapped and videoed for the world to see.

To find out if your street was photographed, click here to search for your address and once found, click "Street View" under the photo.

Click Here for the Farm House and the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody & Mt. Vernon

Click Here for the back 30 acres of Brook Run Park

Custom Search Tool

In playing with Google, I also created a custom search tool for my own use that searches various Dunwoody informational sites as well as many of the places I store electronic files. I placed it at the top of the side bar in case you're interested in trying it.

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Mark said...

Hi John,

I was wondering when Google would get to us. I did a quick search on my address, two doors down from the house that burned on Valley View Road. The house shows as intact and since it was only occupied two months before it burned down last October, they must have been here over the summer or early fall to shoot those photos.