Sunday, March 29, 2009

Official City of Dunwoody discussion board is available for comments and questions, other improvements to the website.

The City of Dunwoody website is finally being overhauled and I would like to bring a couple of recent additions to your attention. The first is a City of Dunwoody Discussion Board available for residents to post comments, questions, complements & concerns knowing that City employees will be monitoring and answering if needed.

I am really proud that the City of Dunwoody posts copies of documents that will be discussed in advance of the meeting taking place as well as maintains past agendas & related documents.

The City has implemented a Request for Service page whereby residents can ask for specific city services and upload attachments (pictures) describing the request. Once registered in the system, I believe you will receive a work order number and/or a confirmation as to the status of the request, as well as a confirmation as to the completion if applicable.

Finally the City has implemented on-line collection of Municipal Court fines and I believe will be implementing other on-line financial payments where possible.

In closing, the "services" being offered by the City of Dunwoody website fosters a level of transparency in government that we the residents of DeKalb County are not use to, but that we the residents of Dunwoody have demanded. I believe that there are number of improvements in development and yet to be brought on-line that will make it even better. As far as I am concerned the City website will always be under development and in a constant state of flux, so what improvements do you want to see to the City of Dunwoody website?

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