Monday, March 16, 2009

Proud day in an Irish Pub - Sláinte to all involved.

I've spent a fair amount of time in Irish Pubs and I couldn't have been prouder then the time I spent at Fado's Irish Pub on Friday Afternoon for St. Baldrick's raising money for childhood cancer research.

First and foremost the room was filled with love, it was uplifting for all involved and it made the rainy St. Patrick's Day Weekend one of my most memorable. My son Riley and I bonded over a little haircut which raised money and awareness for a great cause. We witnessed an entire DeKalb County Firehouse (I believe from Brookhaven?) being shaved as a group charity. I almost cried when I discovered that the big burly guy with Pink Hair sitting in the barber chair was the Chaplain from the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, cancer ward and he had just come from the hospital where the kids helped dye his hair. Beautiful young nurses with long hair were participating in this event honoring a specific patient that touched them deep. Person after person jumped up in the barber chair and each had a story to tell, all of which I thought were more special then my own. In honor of those good people, I lift my glass to you on this upcoming St. Patrick's Day; Sláinte.

The organizers of these St. Baldrick's events in the Atlanta area for a number of years has been Donal & Karen Fleming of Dunwoody; without whom, these events probably wouldn't happen. They are an inspiration for all the work they have put forward for this cause and I am now proud to call them my friends.

Who is going to join Riley & me next year?

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