Thursday, March 12, 2009

Who wants to help read proposed ordinances? Stormwater, Dunwoody Village Overlay, Building Codes and Financials

The Dunwoody City Council has a work session on Monday and it is at these meetings where we attempt to flush out the details of the ordinances being proposed without voting on them. Nobody is an expert at everything and I (we) enjoy it when residents who have skills or insights in a specific technical area to comment on the proposed ordinances. Between now and Monday I will be reading and redlining areas that I may want explained or changed on Monday and if you happen to see errors or question what is being proposed, please get back to me and/or any other Member of the City Council. Your feedback at this junction of the rule making process makes it very easy to propose changes prior to us voting on the items a week from Monday.

I have had a few residents question the cities finances and at this Monday's meeting we will be going over the February Financial Report which is linked here. If you have any questions on the cities finances, I would recommend that you attend this meeting to listen to the presentation by the City Manager as well as the discussion that will follow.

I have had a resident who has been concerned over how we were going to implement the Stormwater Utility therefore now that it has been published I will be personally contacting him to assist me with the review.

What do the builders in Dunwoody think of the building code updates?

If you see anything that you want me to look at, please drop me a note at with the details.

03162009_Agenda Work Session.pdf

03162009_Amed to Chapter 7 - Building Code.pdf
03162009_Amend Development and Environmental Code.pdf
03162009_Amend International Property Maintenance Code.pdf
03162009_Boyken Status Report.pdf
03162009_Chapter 26 - Stormwater Utility.pdf
03162009_Chapter 28 - Illicit Discharge.pdf
03162009_Establishing Georgia Fund1 Account.pdf
03162009_February 2009 Financial Report.pdf
03162009_Overlay Task Force.pdf
03162009_Zoning Code Amendment.pdf

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