Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Heart of Dunwoody provideds AED's to Dunwoody Police

DUNWOODY, Ga -- A Dunwoody man turned a family tragedy into a life-saving effort. His wife suffered a sudden cardiac arrest while watching their daughter's volleyball game.

"I just sort of passed out and flipped over.," said Kathy Lundsten.

It was more than 45 minutes before doctors got Kathy's heart beating again, and two weeks before she woke up from a coma. Kathy can barely remember the near death experience.

"Just being in the hospital and not knowing why I was there or what all the people were doing there," said Kathy.

Bob has made it his personal mission to keep other families from that pain. Over the past four months he's collected $46,000 to purchase Automated External Defibrillators, or AEDs. The units were given to Dunwoody Police. Chief Billy Grogan said they are often the first on scene in an emergency, but without an AED, there's little they can do.

"One of the worst feelings a police officer can have is when they get on scene and they are helpless," said Grogan.

Each police car will hold one of the lunchbox size units. Officers will be trained to use them over the next month, but Bob is still $15,000 short on the bill. To learn more about how you can help call (404)358-4147 or send an e-mail to: bob.lundsten@gmail.com

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Bob said...

Thanks John,

Ironically this is on thing we want to make sure that every police car in the city has, but something our police officers will never have to use.

Thanks again for the post,