Sunday, September 20, 2009

If Doraville is going to give away the GM plant, maybe someone besides DeKalb County could help?

Joesph over at Dorablog states that Doraville is thinking about de-annexing the GM Plant back to the control of DeKalb County. If Doraville sees the GM plant as a problem to develop, so much so that they want to unload it onto someone else, maybe another one of their neighbors might be interested in moving their city border a little south? Would this be feasible, who knows but it would be interesting to explore and contemplate the uses for this site?

Below is an except from the Dorablog but please read the full item there since the comments appear to tell the story of why Doraville would make such a move.

Big news about the GM plant site — councilman Bob Roche just confirmed for me a rumor that I heard earlier this weekend that Dekalb county is considering a purchase of the site in partnership with a developer. The implications of the development deal are big. According to councilman Roche, the city will no longer have any zoning power over the former GM property, and will lose tax revenue from it (several hundred thousand a year). It will be effectively de-annexed from the city (although Doraville will still set closing times and other similar ordinances). The county has suggested that they can patrol the site using Dekalb PD, therefore not taxing our current police forces.

The developer is New Broadstreet, based out of Orlando. The company’s president, David Pace, helped develop Disney’s Celebration USA outside Disney World. The company’s website says it is committed to New Urbanist principles — which include walkable neighborhoods, and mixed-use developments that adhere to the work-live-play philosophy.


Unknown said...

From what I understand, Doraville is not being given any choice in the matter. The county is acting unilaterally.

Sight Edman said...

Whose schools will the children of these "live-work-players" over crowd?

Paula Caldarella said...

Ken, I believe that is the Huntley Hills,Chamblee MS, Chamblee HS attendance zone.

John Heneghan said...

How much is the re-development of the GM site in Doraville going to cost us?

Probably more than you think.