Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kingsley Elementary children are walking to school, are yours? Would you like to try on Oct 7th - Walk to School Day?

Kudos to Kingsley
for another successful Walking Wednesday!!!

My son Gavin in the second grade walks the three blocks to school everyday but having a fourth grader at Dunwoody Elementary, which is over a mile and a half away, across a number of busy streets makes it a little more difficult to walk, but something tells me that he (and I) will be walking there on October 7th.

Who wants to join me? How small do you think we could make the car drop off traffic at DES, if we as a community really tried?

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Steve Barton said...

It's a lovely walk down a wide sidewalk. When you get close look across the street at the bamboo lining Womack Road -- that's my backyard.