Friday, January 21, 2011

Agenda Changes to the Jan 24th Dunwoody City Council Meeting - Revised resolution on DeKalb Redistricting

The City Manager has released several updated documents for Monday's Dunwoody City Council Meeting.  The main one of interest is Councilman Robert Wittenstein's revision to to his original resolution regarding DeKalb County School System's redistricting.    The new resolution is shown above & found here, for comparison here is the original

The following items have been removed from New Business

L1. Resolution to Adopt a Government Landscaping Policy
L5. Enhanced 911 Communication Services Update

The following items have been added/revised/replaced under New Business:

L3. Consulting Services for Vendor Selection Process - Backup documentation added

L4. A Resolution to the DeKalb County School System Supporting the General Concepts of Allowing Current Dunwoody Cluster Students to Remain in the Dunwoody Cluster and Supporting the Availability of Magnet Programs Throughout the County


Dunwoody Mom said...

Here is my question..Why is Section 2 still in the resolution? It still appears as if the City Council is advocating for the magnet programs at Chamblee. What about the other magnet programs within DCSS? Why just choose those particular magnets?

It is fine if the Council wants to weigh in to keep Dunwoody schools within our City, I believe that is perfectly legitimate for a City Council to support.

The Council, however, should not be advocating for schools that are not in their city limits. Don't you think that the Chamblee City Council can advocate for their own schools? I believe Chamblee Mayor Eric Clarkson is quite capable of advocating for HIS schools.

The fact that Council Wittenstein's son is a student at Chamblee makes this resolution all the more troubling.

SmartOne said...

I don't think the Dunwoody Cluster needs to stay as is. What if it is beneficial financially to move Hightower to Chamblee?