Sunday, January 16, 2011

Suggestions for making Perimeter Center more livable? Meeting schedule, Yellow River Game Ranch for only $1 and Legislative Update.

What improvements could make Perimeter Center Livable?

Perimeter Community Improvement District is about to complete the 2010 Perimeter LCI (Livable Center Initiative) Update Study and will be holding a "Visioning Meeting" on Tuesday at City Hall at 6 pm just before the Dunwoody City Council Work Session.  This is your opportunity to provide feedback as to what needs to be done to make the Perimeter Center more "Livable".   This report was mentioned as part of the Dunwoody Comprehensive Land Use Plan and was discussed on the blog at least twice before, here and here.

Tues at 8 pm, City Council Work Session at City Hall.  (Impact fee discussion has been postponed due to contractor illness.)

Wed at 7 pm, Final Georgetown Master Plan Meeting at Peachtree Middle School followed by an additional Dunwoody Village Update.

Thurs at 7 pm, Final Dunwoody Village Master Plan Meeting at Dunwoody United Methodist Church.

Cheap Dad Alert - Yellow River Game Ranch is only $1.00 per Person, Today Only.




Gold Dome 2011: No vouchers, no money, less HOPE

Representative Tom Taylor was assigned the following committees in the Georgia Legislature, Economic Development and Tourism, Regulated Industries and MARTOC (Marta).

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