Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miscellaneous Dunwoody news items

Happy St. Patrick's Day

DeKalb & Fulton Mayors call Transportation Act unfair

“All of us mayors have spent considerable time discussing our position,” Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos said Monday at a news conference on the state capitol steps. “We are all very supportive of the need. However, we are very aware the people of Fulton and DeKalb have already been paying one cent for 35 years, so in the year 2012, Fulton and DeKalb will be paying two cents.”

Music hall authority to pick location March 31 - Dunwoody?   Will new members break deadlocked board?

Census Numbers coming Thursday - What will Dunwoody's official population be?

Dunwoody Rain Barrel Workshop - $35 for a 60 Gallon barrel on March 22nd.

I had the pleasure of sitting in the gallery of the Georgia Legislature on Wednesday (Crossover Day) watching our political system in action.  I got to hang out with Tom Taylor in his State office, Rep Buzz Brockway mentioned my name on the House floor, I met a bunch of fine public servants and watched Fran Millar vote for the passage of the Sunday alcohol sales item.  It was good day for a political geek like me.

The City of Peachtree Corners (which will border Dunwoody on the East) legislation passes the House and is now on the way to the GA Senate.

Dunwoody High School visits Glee & American Idol in Hollywood Check out how Twitter documents the trip.

What Dunwoody establishment serves 1,000 meals per night but only on Friday's? It's the All Saints Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus “World Famous” Fish Fry.   Meal service from 5:00-8:00pm in the Social Hall. Take Out is available. 2443 Mt. Vernon Rd. Dunwoody, GA 30338

Dunwoody United Methodist Consignment Sale starts today
-Thursday, Friday and half price Saturday plus if you would like to help them build two Habitat for Humanity houses in April they would welcome the help.

Do you know who invented the plastic 2 liter Coke bottle?  A Dunwoody resident, Mr. Al Alberghini that's who!

Bike ride to the Capital - Tuesday March 22nd departs Dunwoody Village and all are invited.


Pattie Baker said...

John: I've been waiting for my annual John-Shaves-His-Head donation opportunity! Not this year? Will you post the link so folks who you've "trained" can still show support?

John Heneghan said...

Thanks Pattie for asking. St. Baldrick's is a great cause aiming to cure childhood cancer but I didn't have the energy to be asking for money this year therefore decided not push the subject.

If you would like to donate, Donal Fleming is a Dunwoody resident and the organizer of the event. Donations can be made here.