Sunday, June 5, 2011

An uplifting weekend in Dunwoody and I'm still looking forward to Sunday.

Dunwoody Soapbox Derby

The last week was crazy at work and coming home on Friday riding the Marta train; I was exhausted and beat. Instead of staring out the window, I jumped on the blackberry and read the most amazing story between two people whom I and many in the community know.  It immediately picked me up and put me on cloud Nine that has literally carried me for days. What happens on Facebook is not for me to share publicly therefore all I can say is Amy you are AMAZING and a true inspiration to all that know you.

When I finally get home on Friday night we travel way up to Cumming to attend a bbq at an old friend's house where there is a house full of people with kids everywhere. Walking around talking to a few people, a gentleman comes up to me as says, "excuse me John, what was your last name?" I said "Heneghan" and he started laughing at me with a huge goofy smile. He said "hello John, I'm Chris North, an avid reader of your blog, a reporter and would you believe, that just today, I wrote a newspaper article on you."  We laughed, talked a bit of city politics and then our wives rightfully made fun of us for talking shop.  (Here you go Chris, I enjoyed meeting you, as well as now being able to turn the tables writing about you.)

At our house, Saturday morning is dedicated father / son bonding time, (i.e. my wife has declared it to be her time to do whatever she wants to do as long as it has nothing to do with testosterone or parenting).  The Brunswick Zone bowling alley on Spalding had a special, offering the boys and I, two free hours of entertainment, so we took advantage of that and had a great time. (If your kids enjoy the sport, there are great specials and opportunities available.)

Saturday afternoon, I stopped by the Dunwoody Soapbox Derby to see if the Knight's of Columbus needed any help cooking & serving food.  Since they had everything well under control, I watched a few races and mingled with those in attendance.   I talked to lot of people, Dick Williams of the Dunwoody Crier, Mayor Eric Clarkson of Chamblee, Bill Grant, and many others but the conversation I really enjoyed was with a group of three, 16 year old young men serving with the Dunwoody Police Explorers regarding the positive impact that it has already had on their lives.  Awesome program!

While I was doing the soapbox, my wife was able to do something that I wasn't and was to visit "Alex's Lemonade Stand" being put on by a number of Dunwoody families and a bunch of great kids.  My friend Bob Lundsten made it over and gave a nice recap of him meeting the best salesperson he has ever met and her only being 7.

Saturday night, my wife and I attended a friends 40th birthday party here in Dunwoody and the theme was "Senior Prom" where everyone was suppose to dress the same as they did at their prom, oh so many years ago.  For giggles here is a photo from the evening but letting loose, living in an age of digital cameras and social media is a whole lot scarier then when I was in high school and the only equivalent was the yearbook.  Let me tell you, Facebook is not the friend of a guy who can't dance but does it anyway.  Long story, short - we had a great time.

Sunday is shaping up to be a fun day at the neighborhood pool as my 5 yr old has come out of his shell as he is now jumping in and diving down for coins in the big pool where just a week ago he was afraid to leave the comfort of the baby pool.  (Might be that cute redhead Casey he has his eye on?)  Besides time with my kids, playing water volleyball with other adults is really enjoyable and a great way for me to blow off some steam.

Sunday night, I will be attending the Dunwoody Homeowners Association monthly meeting, the last before the 4th of July parade, where the agenda is light but I am guessing someone (not me) will be announcing their candidacy for Mayor and/or other council candidates may be stepping forward for the four positions up for election


John Heneghan said...

Bob Dallas, attorney and Chairman of the Dunwoody Planning Commission informed the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Sunday night that he hopes to become Dunwoody’s next mayor.

Jamie Sibold, a former DeKalb County Republican Party chairman, also announced his intentions to run for mayor.

John Heneghan said...

As I said back in June, I will say it again; Amy you are amazing!

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