Friday, April 6, 2012

DeKalb CEO race heats up with three candidates, Burrell Ellis, Jerome Edmondson and Gregory Adams. Any others? Larry? Lee? Vernon? Cynthia? Bueller? Bueller?

When you run in political circles, you have a tenancy to run into political people at political functions.  I have personally met all three of the announced candidates for DeKalb CEO which is up for election in July 2012.

CEO Burrell Ellis

CEO Burrell Ellis will be running for reelection where some believe that a professional County Manager system would be preferred over the fractured system still in place in DeKalb County.  I have met Burrell several times over the last few years and he visited a Dunwoody City Council meeting about a month or two ago. Being the incumbent he will be running on his record (taxes, police and leadership) vs the promises that he made previously.  Where some thought Burrell might be a breath of fresh air after the Vernon Jones administration, others are now looking for change as they expected more than has been delivered in the current administration.

Candidate Greg Adams

I met Mr. Gregory Adams, shown above, and his lovely wife when they visited the Dunwoody Homeowners Association Meeting back in December.  Mr. Adams served as a member of the DeKalb County Police Department and has a number of other business ventures as per his campaign site.

Judge Gregory Adams - not running for CEO

One point of information that has to be made is that the Candidate Gregory Adams is not the same person as the now world famous, DeKalb County Judge Gregory Adams who presided over the murder trial of Hemy Neuman.  Different people so don't get confused but if the Judge ever thinks of running I think he's got my vote.

Candidate Jerome Edmondson

Finally about a month ago I attended a City of Brookhaven function lending my support and making sure I was on a first name basis with the citizens who may be stepping up to be their council when I had the pleasure of being introduced to Mr. Jerome Edmondson.  Jerome is very well spoken, a published author, and businessman who I discovered was the Nations 1st Black Denny's Franchise Owner. Jerome gave me his CEO Candidate elevator speech of promoting the business community in DeKalb when I politely peppered him with questions of falling revenues from depressed home values and the creation of new cities therefore I wanted to know his plan to cut spending.  I remember he was very pro-public safety but don't remember the cost cutting specifics therefore I am looking forward to reading more about him.  This morning Jerome will be announcing his candidacy for DeKalb CEO the position currently filled by the incumbent, CEO Burrell Ellis.

To all the candidates, the application to ride in the Dunwoody 4th of July Parade can be found here and though the parents will be reading the literature you hand out, the children will be judging you on the quality of the candy.  Come prepared.

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