Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stan Jester (husband to Nancy Jester our former school board member) is now taking on the role of Fact Checker of DeKalb School System Statements

Stan Jester has been shooting video of recent presentations given by Michael Thurmond and the other DeKalb County School System representatives, transcribing the video and then analyzing & verifying the statements on his new blog.

Nancy is still heavily involved and will be live streaming the Monday DeKalb BOE at the site below.

Below is a note from Stan regarding his analysis of Michael Thurmond's visit to Dunwoody High on Wednesday.
Michael Thurmond was visibly disconcerted during his Q&A with the DCPC (Dunwoody Chamblee Parent Council) on Wednesday. He steered away from citing too many data points and made it clear that he intends to spend a lot of time and money on low performing schools saying that "lifting from the bottom" and getting parents involved will elevate all schools. Terry Nall and Fran Millar peppered Mr. Thurmond with facts as he refused to support dual accreditation for high schools across DeKalb. 
 Mr. Thurmond implored parents to acknowledge that things were getting better to no avail. One parent summed it up saying that before they endorse this administration "What I'd like to see, and I don't think I'm
alone in this, is to see a commitment to some sweeping changes. We're looking for some big moves to show that you mean what you say.".
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