Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Video and recap of the May 28th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Recap: very short meeting which was over by 8 pm where everything was passed as presented.  A bit of discussion took place regarding the timing of the DNR Trail Grant Amendment placed on this agenda and the future scheduled meeting to discuss the path of Phase II of the Brook Run Trail (multi-use path) but the item passed as presented with a split 4 to 2 vote.  We are told that a meeting on the second phase of the trail, including proposed routing and hydrology information will take place prior to final construction contract approval. 

The ladies of Dunwoody High School Track Team were honored for their recent accomplishments.  Chief Grogan highlighted the Crime Reduction Unit and the results from just one week in operation.  Citizen public comment discussed the need for tornado sirens, the Brook Run trail and the proposed dog park move.  The Convention and Visitors Bureau gave a financial update but also highlighted that Dunwoody Restaurant Week was fast approaching. 

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Daughter of the Poet said...

My Education

By government of limbs
empty networks of rules
my lost skull
finding fragments of hope
in books and lasting gulps

I remember the bishop
Berkeley, first time I read
his lucid portrayal of idealism
I saw myself as pigment
in god’s mind

there was Rimbaud
the seer
a daemon of callous dreams
beckoning the loving beasts
of my heart to get drunk
and fornicate with the chaos

vagueness is ubiquitous
when Cioran excommunicated
truth from reality
I leapt from definition to obscurity
like a child in mud fields
turning invisible by the camouflage of

alea jacta est
poetry was born
playthings of appearances
and the images started to gather
like a book of things that never
existed behind the universe

there was still coffee – regret –
futility and then Pessoa opened up the only truth
I ever believed in, he unwrapped it with casual
numbness, as mechanically as you take off a shoe:
life is a superfluous waiting for death
with no definite aim it definitely kills us
and whatever we say or don’t say
will never change a thing

so I write
in the penumbra of absurdity
as divertissement between sleeps,
all the same
in the involuntary currents of nothingness
drunk with the illusion of sensation,
I feign a soul
in laughter and despair
because of that obscene longing
of being
poet & chasm.

- Pablo Saborio