Wednesday, December 4, 2013

City of Dunwoody 3rd Quarter KPI Report on Citizen Focused Activities

I have the distinct pleasure of serving on the Dunwoody City Council therefore I attend a lot of meetings, talk to many people (residents & staff) and get more email than the typical Dunwoody resident.  In a spirit of transparency, I attempt to push a large amount of information out into the public domain, be it City agenda documents for your review or videos of items that I think might be of interest.   I try to present information in a semi unbiased fashion though admittingly, I am not always successful of that, but I do try.

At the Jim Riticher meeting on Tuesday the question of the Charter commission documents came up and I have obtained a copy and posted them on my blog and made sure that the information is now easily found on the city's website.  

Many questions / comments were raised during the meeting on the performance of city staff and the performance of the Council to oversee the activities of the staff.   As I was there to listen, I shot video and held my tongue for most of the meeting (except for the sun shade issue which was directed specifically at me - at the 3 min mark of this video).   I didn't contradict anyone of the workload and performance of the city staff but just like I presented the Charter Commission report as requested, I feel it is appropriate to share an item in my possession that discusses the oversight and workload of the city staff.   Attached above is the latest KPI stats on a three month period that the Council received from the City Manager.  

Take a look at the document and remind yourself that the stats only covers a three month period.  After five years of operation, I am still astonished at what we as a community created from scratch and let me tell you that I am very proud of all of the very hard working City of Dunwoody employees without whom this city would not function.   Thank you.

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