Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Discover the City of Dunwoody, GA - a great place to live. (Video Montage)




Finally my video montage highlighting our fair city would be incomplete if I didn't include this classic.


 FYI, in case you are new to town or feel slighted by the video above - below is the back story.

" I thought it would be funny to make a hardcore [rap] song about how friendly Dunwoody is."

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Joe Hirsch said...

The Dunwoody Convention and Visitors Bureau and the realtors sure do a good job concealing our city’s true identity – deliberately ignoring the approximate 40% of our population who choose to live in apartment complexes. I suppose the CVB and real estate agents believe no one would want to visit or live in a city that doesn’t showcase their grand front porches or manicured golf courses? The stigma and fear of apartment dwellers is perpetuated by their videos and demonstrates how our city is not so inclusive. Dormtainment’s humor is a more honest portrayal of our city.