Thursday, October 2, 2014

UPS volunteers clean up the Dunwoody Nature Ceneter #UPSvolunteers

October is Global Volunteer Month for @UPS, where #UPSvolunteers have pledged 20 million global volunteer hours by end of 2020!

UPS Global Volunteer Month Fact Sheet

What: Every ONE matters – Each October, UPS holds Global Volunteer Month to encourage our employees to make an impact in their community by volunteering their time and talents to people and organizations in need.

Why: Working directly in neighborhoods from Boston to Bangalore, employees in each region understand best their communities’ specific needs and have chosen Global Volunteer Month to best meet these needs.

By the numbers:

Person it takes to make a difference in the community

The number of hours that would be reached if every UPS employee worldwide donated just one hour during the Every ONE matters campaign (the number of UPS employees)  

Equivalent number of annual full-time volunteer jobs, if every UPS employee donated just one hour of their time per year

1.6 million
A new company record of total volunteer hours recorded in 2011 by UPS employees

Hours volunteered by UPSers in 2010 during Global Volunteer Month

The UPS Foundation’s  Areas of Focus: Community Safety, Environmental Sustainability, Diversity, Volunteerism

Grant amount awarded to 10 UPSers for the non-profit of their choice, if they complete at least one volunteer hour in October

Total grant money to be awarded to support volunteerism with non-profits

Consecutive years that UPS has participated in Global Volunteer Month

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