Sunday, March 22, 2015

A teenage driver is tired of close calls at a frustrating Dunwoody intersection. - 11Alive

A teenage driver is tired of close calls at a frustrating intersection that is getting some attention from the city of Dunwoody.  Every day,16-year-old Lizzy Haas confronts impatient drivers on her way from home to school. A simple turn onto Peeler Road in Dunwoody is never that simple.

"A MARTA bus pulled in front of me," said Haas. "I almost got rammed into the side."
Close calls are not unusual at the intersection of North Peachtree and Peeler. Traffic jams on North Peachtree, making it difficult for drivers to make a left from Peeler.

More than once Haas has hit her brakes to avoid drivers turning in front of her.  "People just want to try to go the second they find a spot," said Haas. "It may not really be safe."

11Alive's Commuter Dude turned to the city of Dunwoody, and found that there is a plan to add turn lanes and a traffic light that should go a long way toward eliminating those close calls.  Jerry Carnes pressed the city, and found the light will be synced with the one nearby at North Peachtree and Tilly Mill.  "They'll be connected so they can communicate with each other and keep the timing in sync," said Dunwoody Public Works Director Michael Smith.  The changes will begin this summer.

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