Saturday, March 7, 2015

I love this proposed 285 / Ashford Dunwoody flyover bridge to Perimeter Center Parkway.

Above is a proposal that the City of Dunwoody is supporting and we just wish it was part of the 1-Billion dollar 285 / 400 interchange improvement, but at the moment it is not.  The proposal would add a specific exit lane on Westbound 285 to exit at Ashford Dunwoody, fly over Ashford Dunwoody to a street to be added behind BestBuy to connect to Perimeter Center Pkwy.  It would also add an additional Westbound entrance to 285 off that new street.

This project would take hundreds of vehicles off the already stressed intersection of Ashford Dunwoody and Hammond and it would be a major improvement to the Perimeter Center traffic flow.

This proposal also would add a direct connection to a multiuse path that could be developed for the entire topend perimeter.

I am in favor but questions as to how this might affect the Georgetown community will need to be asked.


Anonymous said...

How far into the Georgetown neighborhood does this flyover lane go? From the picture, I cannot see where it starts.

Anonymous said...

How far does this go into the Georgetown neighborhood? I cannot see where it starts.

John Heneghan said...

Warnerharmer, I don't have any other details and took for granted that because of the length of the ramp whereby the first place to stop is well past Ashford Dunwoody that the start of the ramp would be the same as proposed as the 285 / 400 project. and

It will be a question that will be raised on Monday, thanks.

Bob Fiscella said...

John - the flyover is a great idea. I'm shocked that this isn't done more often around the metro area. When I go home to Houston to visit family, it never ceases to amaze me all the new construction of flyovers and tunnels in suburban areas like Dunwoody. The intersection of Hammond and Ashford Dunwoody would be a perfect spot for a tunnel!

Unknown said...

10 years ago GA DOT purchased and demolished 2 homes in Georgetown Court for a similar project. I have the drawings for that project.

Joe Seconder said...

New proposal: How about prioritizing & funding transportation budgets first by SAFETY?

That would mean instead of looking at increasing capacity or throughput during the couple of hours a day we have as rushhours, we'd first look at where there are collisions; where people on foot can't walk or are missing connections to go to a destination; where people are disabled in wheelchairs have to "ride" in the street because either the sidewalks are not ADA compliant, or there's no (or incomplete) sidewalks; where the streets are engineered so that persons driving in cars do not stop for persons on foot that are simply attempting to cross the road; where kids should be able to ride their bikes safely to school like the generations before us could. Where we only have at most 2 miles to get to any one of our "village" shopping nodes, providing safe, protected bicycle facilities to access these points.

All of this starts with prioritizing the most vulnerable users of our streets first, and insuring they are "Complete" Streets.

And by the way, if any of you are interested in asking Georgia DOT to accommodate human-powered transportation choices with their $1 Billion dollar projects on the 285/400 interchange & the 400 Collector/Distributor projects, please checkout the information posted here:

John Heneghan said...

Upon review of old emails, I found the following statement regarding the possibilities of sound barriers from Mr. Michael Smith the Dunwoody Public Works Director.

"The latest plan calls for a sound barrier wall adjacent to the Georgetown swim/tennis for a little over 600 feet. Several options were given for the texture and color of the walls and the consensus of the Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and PCIDs representatives was for an ashlar stone finish (like the trail walls in Brook Run) with a dark gray color. The existing wall on the south side of the interstate at Ashford Dunwoody is proposed for replacement also."