Tuesday, March 10, 2015

DeKalb Commissioners approve once-per-week trash collection and Nancy Jester calls for Lee May to officially resign

As per the Brookhaven Post, the DeKalb County Commission has approved the once-per-week trash collection at the same price being charged currently. There may be additional options provided by the County to keep the same service forthcoming and the City will be exploring all options including contracting out.  The timeline has not been presented by the County but I don't expect this to happen overnight.

Also at the DeKalb County Commission meeting it appears that there were quite a few fireworks regarding the replacement commissioner for Acting CEO Lee May.  Nancy's comments are below.

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Taxation Without Representation - District Five
It is an abomination for Interim CEO Lee May to suggest any voting bloc is working to disenfranchise the people of Southeast DeKalb.

Furthermore, it is disingenuous for Lee May to attack anyone in the process given that he is the one person who can empower the people of Southeast DeKalb - without any effort from the BOC.

There were two actions Lee May could have taken today which would have given Southeast DeKalb a Commissioner:

The Board of Commissioners voted three to three on the nomination of Gina Smith Mangham.  At this point, Interim CEO Lee May had the power to vote yes, which would have given the people of Southeast DeKalb a Commissioner. For political reasons, Lee May voted no - thus denying District Five a Commissioner.

There was no other nominee who received enough votes to be confirmed today. When DeKalb County needed leadership from Lee May, he gave us more politics.

Further, it is not accurate for Lee May to state he has "exhausted every legal remedy allowed by the state" to rectify this "unique" situation.

Lee May has the ability to resign and allow the people of Southeast DeKalb to conduct a free and fair election. The people, not the politicians, should decide who represents them.

I continue to call on Lee May to resign and allow a free and fair election to occur.

It was Lee May who cast the deciding vote not to give the people of Southeast DeKalb a Commissioner today.  It is Lee May who refuses to resign, which would allow the people of Southeast DeKalb a free and fair election. The Interim CEO should be ashamed of himself.

Taxation Without Representation - District One 

Taxpayers in DeKalb County District One are victims of taxation without representation as the current presiding officer refuses to appoint your duly elected District One Commissioner to any Committee assignments until there is an appointed, non-elected, temporary Commissioner in District Five.

There are five full committees in the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners and I have a seat - and District One has a vote in - exactly, zero of them.

Much of the work of the Commission is done via the committee process. For example, the Finance, Audit, and Budget Committee has the duty to nominate a candidate for Internal Auditor but has failed to do so for years.

I have asked to be appointed to the following Committees: Public Works & Infrastructure, Finance, Budget & Audit, and County Operations & Public safety.

It is my hope that Commissioner Larry Johnson will empower the people of North DeKalb by appointing me to these committees prior to the next BOC meeting. 

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