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Dunwoody Construction Project Update: Parks, Pedestrian Perks, and More!

The City of Dunwoody is currently engaged in several beneficial and exciting infrastructure projects in different phases of active development and construction.


Even during the winter months, the city’s parks and Recreation Department has been busy at work with construction activities and project planning to make the 2015 spring, summer and fall outdoor enjoyment even more fun.  Several projects have been in the queue and are now ready to be enjoyed by all while others are just getting started. Here’s a sampling of what’s been going on and what residents and visitors can look forward to in the coming months:

Windwood Hollow Receives Makeover

The brand new Windwood Hollow playground structures are in place and offer the young and young at heart a perfect resource for fun and adventure.
The new playground equipment provides suitable play environments for the 2-5 year old age group, the 5-12 year old age group as well as exercise equipment for adults.  The structures also address specific requirements meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards making the park playground one of the area’s first, fully ADA compliant playground facilities. Key additions include an access ramp to the second level of the 5-12 year old play structure.
The 11-acre park features a playground, two tennis courts, picnic pavilion, nature trails, and an open meadow for free play. Plan a visit today!

tree top

Treetop Quest Swings Open in March 2015

In late March, visitors to Brook Run Park will be able to reach new heights of exploration with the addition of the Treetop Quest tree canopy obstacle course and zip-line adventure. 

Seeking to address an identified need for recreational opportunities for middle- and high-school aged children as outlined in the Parks Master Plan, the city contracted with the Atlanta-based company specializing in obstacle courses within established tree canopies.  

The new course activates parkland previously unused and its carefully constructed platform placement and obstacles are placed in a manner which does not harm the trees. A wooden wedge tension system is used to attach all cables and a threaded rod tension system is employed for the construction of the platforms. This method ensures no hardware or attachments are driven directly into the trees.
The newly-installed obstacle course is situated in a five-acre area to the west of the vacant dormitory building, which is being demolished for health and safety reasons.  Through the public-private partnership agreement, Treetop Quest operates the course at no cost to the city and shares generated revenue (from admission fees to participants) with the city.
For additional information on the Treetop Quest tree canopy obstacle course and zip-line adventure at Brook Run Park please visit 


Pernoshal Park Construction to Begin May 2015

Pernoshal Park construction is expected to begin in May of 2015 and at approximately 5-acres, it will be the largest newly-built park created in the city.  As part of the Project Renaissance initiative in the Georgetown area, the city is developing signature park areas across the 35 acres connected by a multi-use trail. 
The city held a number of public meetings to review and gain insight on what the community wanted within the new park. Based on community workshops and further discussion with City Council, a final consensus was reached regarding the key amenities and features for the new signature park. The key features of the park and trail include: 
Multi-use trail
Centralized pavilion/restroom facility
162 parking spaces for park and trail users 
Maximized sports and field areas 
Passive field and picnic areas
Basketball Courts with a Pickle Ball Court overlay 
Heavy vegetative buffer between the sports field and residential properties
As with Georgetown Park, a key feature to Pernoshal Park will be the multi-use trail connectivity which links the elements within Pernoshal Park across the 19-acre property.  When complete, the multi-use trail will stretch approximately three miles from Chamblee Dunwoody Road at its eastern point to the trail loop within Brook Run Park to the west.
The City recently released a bid for the construction of both Pernoshal Park and the Dunwoody Trailway connection from Pernoshal Park to Brook Run Park. The park construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2015.

dog park

Brook Run Dog Park Improvements

Brook Run Dog Park, one of the city’s most active and popular amenities within Brook Run Park, is enjoyed by many dogs and their owners for the natural beauty and shaded areas that it provides. But because of its popularity, the dog park area was in need of extensive rehabilitation. 
At the direction of City Council, city staff helped draft plans to reposition the dog park fencing and increase the distance between the dog park and the park’s western edge. The improvements to the Dog Park will maintain and improve the desirable features of the existing park and address the priorities of the Parks Master Plan which emphasized the relocation of the dog park to another area within Brook Run Park.
Construction crews have been active moving the dog park fence and reusing as much as existing fence materials as possible. The newly-refurbished and repositioned dog park is expected to be completed by the end of March and will include a 2-acre area for large dogs and an estimated .25-acre small dog area. 

Nature center

Dunwoody Nature Center Entranceway Improvements

Through the Facilities Improvement Partnership Program, the Council approved the Dunwoody Nature Center's request to transform the main entranceway at the Dunwoody Nature Center into an ADA accessible entranceway.
The planned improvements will not only improve the usability and safety of the parking lot but also reduce the localized flooding that occurs around the current entranceway, and improve general aesthetics and make the Dunwoody Nature Center even more welcoming for all park-goers.
Construction took place around the Dunwoody Nature Center’s busy program and class schedule. The new entranceway will be completed by the end of March, just in time for peak participation in this season’s exciting classes and programs. 
The entranceway improvements are the latest additions to the Dunwoody Nature Center and compliment the renovated and expanded classroom spaces, main education building, porch, cabin, Native American Teepee, and Foxes Den. 
Also at the nature center work has begun on replacement of the playground. The new playground will include multiple play structures integrated into the wooded setting and will be fully accessible.  The playground is expected to be complete by May before summer camps begin. For more information please visit 


The City of Dunwoody is starting out 2015 with a continued dedication to the repair and replacement of aging stormwater infrastructure. 
The majority of the stormwater pipes and structures within the city are close to 40 years old and in varied stages of deterioration.  For this reason City Council approved the supplementation of stormwater revenues with approximately $270,000 from reserves for the purpose of addressing major stormwater infrastructure projects.
storm water
A few recently completed projects include the construction of a 300 foot pipe replacement on Fenhurst Place to address failing infrastructure as well as a stormwater pipe replacement at the Dunwoody Nature Center.  The city also replaced a failing corrugated metal pipes under Delverton Drive by adding 138 feet of new 4 foot by 6 foot box culvert and an additional 104 feet of 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe.
In 2014 the city completed/conducted:
10 Lining Pipe Replacement Projects
23 Excavation and Replacement Projects
5 Pond Cleaning and Retrofit Projects
23 Video Inspection Projects
18 Engineering Analysis and Other Special Projects
In 2015 the city expects to continue the proactive utility program, finding and repairing problems before they become larger infrastructure issues capable of causing damage to city and private property.  To meet the future needs of stormwater repair and replacement, the 2015 Stormwater Utility Rate was adjusted based on the Municipal Cost Index and annual inflation.  During 2014, the index rose 1.51% which equates to an annual increase of $1.06 per year for a total 2015 utility rate of $71.15 per year for a Dunwoody homeowner.
For additional information regarding these projects or to report a concern, contact David Elliott at 678-382-6850 or .


The 2015 budget includes funding for progress on the capital paving plan along with significant investments into sidewalk improvements which will provide new connections to a number of important amenities and character areas. The Tilly Mill Rd at N. Peachtree Rd intersection improvement project, the first to be constructed by the city will also begin this year.   Access to well-maintained and operational city streets is of continued importance for FY 2015.  The resurfacing of several major corridors, including Mount Vernon and Chamblee Dunwoody Rd is being coordinated with a DeKalb County’s water main replacement program.  In addition, the city has added many neighborhood streets to this year’s plan, making 2015 the city’s biggest year for street paving.


New Sidewalks Address Pedestrian Safety and Access

The newly completed sidewalks on the west side of Roberts Drive, stretching from the northern city limit to Aurora Court, provide a walking route to Austin Elementary School for the houses and neighborhoods on the west side of Roberts Drive.  Whether used for health benefits or a means to avoid traffic congestion, sidewalks and other alternative accommodations provide tremendous value to residents and businesses in Dunwoody.  
Moving forward, the city has identified over 21 miles of future sidewalk improvements (see the Sidewalk Improvement Policy) to provide pedestrian connectivity within the community. New sidewalk segments will be designed to close gaps between existing sidewalk segments or to connect them with proposed sidewalks at intersection improvement projects, making the city’s roads safer, and more enjoyable for all. The city will begin constructing sidewalks along these roads in the coming months. 
Mount Vernon Road from Dunwoody Village Parkway to Vernon Oaks Drive
Chamblee Dunwoody Road from Cambridge Drive to Womack Road
Hensley Drive
Mount Vernon Way
 The city will also be implementing recommendations from the 2014 Pedestrian Safety Action Plan.  This plan identifies improvements at uncontrolled crosswalks within the city.  Improvements at the following locations are programed for 2015:
Mount Vernon Road at Stratham Drive
Womack Road - Dunwoody Elementary School (western entrance)

Mount Vernon Way Sidewalk Project

The Mount Vernon Way sidewalk project is expected to begin construction in April.  Mount Vernon Way is the main access point to many neighborhoods on the north side of Mount Vernon Road, and the road does not have sidewalks on either side of the street.  Sidewalk will be added on the west side of the road from Mount Vernon Road to Withmere Way.  A raised crosswalk will be added at the end of the project to provide a safer crossing for pedestrians at Withmere Way. 

Mt. Vernon Road Infrastructure Improvements – Sidewalks, Water Main Replacement, and Repaving

DeKalb County is embarking on an aggressive rehabilitation program to address the aging water pipelines within Dunwoody and throughout the county.  A portion of the essential water main infrastructure improvements made by DeKalb County will take place on Mount Vernon Road between Ashford Dunwoody Road and Vernon Oaks Drive.  
The Mount Vernon project will involve the replacement of two aging water mains with one new 16-inch diameter main.  These required infrastructure improvement efforts by the county are not only necessary but critical for the maintenance and quality of Dunwoody’s water system.
These crucial infrastructure improvements present the city with an opportunity to make much needed road surface and pedestrian improvements along the Mount Vernon Road corridor.  Subsequent to the installation of the new water main, the city will resurface this entire section of Mount Vernon Road and also construct new sidewalks on the south side of Mount Vernon Road between Dunwoody Village Parkway and Vernon Oaks Drive.    
In an effort to streamline the sequencing of these improvements, the City of Dunwoody will coordinate with the county and the contractor to perform these tasks. The initial construction will begin the week of March 16, 2015 and work is expected to be complete within seven to nine months.    
Residents, businesses and community members interested in receiving ongoing project updates and information can sign up for email alerts via the Mount Vernon Water Main Replacement project web page, by emailing the city at or by calling the Department of Public Works at 678-382-6850.  
Questions on these and other pedestrian projects may be sent to Mindy Sanders at

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