Monday, June 4, 2018

Dunwoody City Council discusses economic redevelopment of commercial areas.

Several hours of conversation regarding future commercial redevelopment - there were several reporters in the room and the meeting was live streamed so these are just my quick notes as I am sure more information will be following from others.

Dunwoody Village
  • Need to remove or greatly modify the architectural standards in Dunwoody code.
  • Need to allow flat roofs & modify parking requirements.
  • There are a number of prime redevelopment opportunities available - City should move sooner rather than later on proposed zoning changes.
  • Improve both pedestrian and vehicle circulation as well as aesthetics.
  • Major redevelopment is waiting on one primary commercial land owner who is happy as is.

  • City / Development Authority could review opportunities adjacent to city property already owned.
  • City owns land near Pernoshal Park (Emory and other offices) as well as Shallowford / Peachford building where a new road could spur redevelopment of Dunwoody Park (single level office park).
  • DeKalb School property on Chamblee Dunwoody is also ripe for redevelopment.
  • New opportunities / challenges as Shallowford Rd is discussed as an access point to managed (Toll) lanes along 285.
  • New restaurants are coming soon to the Park at Georgetown.
  • Georgetown Gateway (Chamblee Dunwoody Rd) will be re-landscaped.

Perimeter Center
  • Lots of office and redevelopment happening near the Marta Station.
  • New hotels, new restaurants are coming and expect to see a higher use to be pushed where possible as redevelopment opportunities present themselves.
  • State Farm has several buildings under construction & High Street will add density.
  • The current location of P.F. Changes where Brio and McCormick & Schmick's closed was mentioned as a possible different higher use.
  • Transportation improvements including the Westside Connector and  the managed lanes.

Winters Chapel / North Peachtree apartment redevelopment


Hen dogcu said...

John -

Off Topic:

Several years ago, you made mention of Walter Hotz as an individual that could assist with the property tax fight. Do you know if he is still working in this capacity?

Thank you for any information.

John Heneghan said...

He looks to still be in business. I don't know the man but he was brought in by the City to give a presentation and I know of no complaints so if Interested in discussing his services, please reach out to him.