Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dunwoody, did your home assessment go up higher than you believe is reasonable? Now is the time to act.

Tax assessments came out and you have 45 days to start the appeal process.

If your home's value went up more than anticipated, read the information in the link above from DeKalb then read others suggestions below.  Once you have done some research and feel confident to start the appeal process, search your address here  - once found there is a link to start the formal appeal.

PS: there are also tax professionals out that to assist and below is an advisor who once spoke at Dunwoody City Hall.

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bofdem said...

Our tax assessment went up 12% last year, and contesting/arguing with DeKalb County was fruitless. They stood their ground that the valuations were what they should be, and that was all.

After reviewing the May 2018 retreat presentation, my valuation is clearly out of whack.

Thankfully they reduced it a bit for 2018.