Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jan 2009, DeKalb County Parks Bond Fund Status Report - 2006 Parks Bond

I have obtained the January 2009, DeKalb County Bond Fund Status Report which shows that Brook Run Park in Dunwoody has been slated to receive $11.5 Million dollars from the last parks bond referendum and that there is still a fund balance just shy of $7 Million dollars that is still owed to the park.

There appears to be a total $59 Million dollars available for promised development Countywide, of that, almost $20 Million is still available for land acquisitions. It also appears that the County has already started earmarking projects for the close to $8 Million dollars earned on the money not already spent.

I have attached the Excel document with numerous spreadsheets (some hidden), here.


Kcaj said...

John: what is the status of property transfers from DeKalb to CoD? Any resources/refences you can share for the curious? Jack.

John Heneghan said...

Good question Jack. Negotiations are on going and since I am not on the negotiating committee your guess would be as good as mine.