Friday, August 12, 2011

Tax Bills scheduled to be in the mail next week and Generic 2011 Dunwoody Tax Bill example

Please note that the 2.74 millage rate for the City of Dunwoody has not moved since the day the city was started and in this example the household amount paid for City Services at that tax rate is $216.20 plus the streetlight and stormwater fees.

*****Notice to DeKalb County Property Owners Regarding 2011 Property Tax Statements*****

Please be aware that the 2011 Property Tax Statements are scheduled to be mailed the week of August 15 th. This is due to a change in legislation regarding the Property Assessment Notices and the deadline for appeals. When the information is available, it will be posted on this website. Payments will be accepted as soon as the bills are mailed. For 2011, the first installment due date is September 30th, 2011, and the second installment due date will remain November 15th, 2011.


lweber said...

This comment is not specific to the tax bill schedule, but I didn't know where else to put.

I learned yesterday that the City is paving a 5 foot wide, 900 feet long bicycle path along Peeler Road running froughly from Village Mill to Village North. There is no question that such a path is an asset to the community.

However, one must question the priortization of City expenditures. Based on observation, this new bike path will benefit perhaps 10-12 taxpayers each week. On the other hand, simply repaving one cul-de-sac, such as Olde Village Court would benefit the 75 taxpayers who live on that court. Moreover, such repaving would benefit those taxpayers 2-3 times daily, 7 days a week, for a total taxpayer benefit of 1575 trips a month versus the 15 trips by bicyclists on Peeler.

I have no doubt that the city can win some award for "most bicycle paths added" but that is small consolation to those of us who make the 1575 trips down pot-holed Olde Village Court each week.

Let's get back to the basics of providing the fundamental services of government to the taxpayers.

Larry Weber

I may be reached at

GaryRayBetz said...

My tax bill I will gladly pay as I and the rest of the community reap, for the most part, auspicious returns for these contributions; however, the American middle-class family's home is no longer their castle - it's a vast fiscal blackhole that dissipates the very life out of the family and turns them into schlepps for heartless, money-grubbing bankers whose only pleasures in life are golf, pricey paramours, garish houses, vapid art, ostentatious weddings for their daughters, and watching their decent fellow human beings descend into penury, insanity, and eventually - a pauper's grave.

Where have the compassionate men and companies of our greatest generation, the likes of Harry and George Bailey of the Bailey Building and Loan Association from "It's a Wonderful Life", gone?

All we are left with now in this decade is the greed and selfishness of a misanthropic mob, abetted by banks and health insurance companies, that gives itself the incongruous sobriquet of "Tea Party". Woe is the American working class!!!