Friday, August 26, 2011

Video Cameras are always welcome at Public Meetings with Government Officials

I have been recording public meetings with public officials for as long as I can remember and with the internet those videos can go straight to the web documenting exactly what happened and what was said.  I have had minor push back from time to time, Vernon Jones & the DeKalb School System meetings are the two that immediately come to mind, but push come to shove everyone knew that I was well versed in the law and that they had to allow me to tape what ever I wanted in the public session.

This Ohio congressman and the policeman that followed his orders are complete fools, whereby if this is not a lawsuit waiting to happen, at the very least it is a public relations nightmare.  The video shows the officer confiscating cameras from members of the audience who are not "Press" and the citizens fighting back with reasonable arguments of transparency.  Very embarrassing.

Speaking of public meetings, the next meeting of the Dunwoody Chamblee Parents Council will be taking place on Wednesday, September 7th, 9:15 am at the new Dunwoody High School Auditorium with Ms. Ramona Tyson giving an "Update on DeKalb County School System".  Anyone have a video camera?


Joe Seconder said...

In the spirit of Town Halls, I am in the process of working with Rep Tom Price's staff to see if he will consider holding open and advanced-scheduled public Town Hall meetings. See the link for my efforts to date:

Anon said...

Price is very secure in his job. That is why he doesn't feel the need to do Town Hall meetings. Maybe the new lines will shake him up a bit, but I doubt it.

Same reason most of the DeKalb Board of Ed doesn't feel the need to have town hall meetings, while the Fulton Board of Ed members have them regularly. It is all about job security.

DunwoodyTalk said...

I think you'll be seeing a lot more of Price with these new lines. Dunwoody is now a major part of his district.