Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mr. Noel Maloof out as Dunwoody High School Principal

Noel Maloof - new Principal of Decatur High School

Reported at Decaturish,  insight by Aha Connection,

Noel Maloof 2012 - 2014
Rodney Swanson 2010 -2012
Kevin Harris 2008 - 2010


Tasneem said...

He is the 3rd principal at DHS in less than 6 years, which raises questions about how conducive the DHS environment to maintaining successful leadership.

Julie H said...

Shame on Dekalb County School System and Noel Maloof for not having the courtesy of informing DHS constituents that there will be yet ANOTHER change in leadership at DHS. How about some indication from DCSS what the plan is to get DHS to the end of the school year? No wonder Dunwoody is pushing for an independent school system. Hopefully this will NOT lead to an exodus of the good teachers at DHS.

Paula Caldarella said...

It appears to be a very good oportunity for Mr. Maloof and I wish him well. However, I feel his departure was poorly handled, at best. The DHS community should not have to hear about Mr. Maloof's departure via the media nor should he be giving interviews to the media before even officially informing the community. As of this writing there has been no formal announcement from Mr. Maloof. Or DCSD.

dpgroupie said...

Hmmm. We all know these things don't happen overnight - it's obviously been in the works awhile. Am I the only one with a suspicious, cynical mind, wondering what impact this would have had on Tom' bill, which was pulled from Committee just a week or so ago due to lack of votes?

Vote for Tom Taylor, and he WILL get this done next year!

Chip said...

I guess the answer to your question DPGroupie is "Yes! You are the only one with a suspicious, cynical mind."

Just kidding!

Your bud,