Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Is anyone in the City of Dunwoody interested in running for Congress?

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga. 6th District) to lead the department of Health and Human Services, therefore a special election to replace him will need to be held. 

Based on speculation on who might run, it could be an interesting election?  Georgiapol.com (a must read Georgia Political Blog) has an extensive article on who might be putting forward their name for consideration and the only two Dunwoody names I see being mentioned are Mr. Bruce LeVell owner of Dunwoody Diamonds who served on the Trump National Campaign as the Director of Diversity Outreach and our new Georgia Attorney General Mr. Chris Carr.

I have no inside information on this except that I do know that as a non-partisan elected official who is currently a Federal Employee working with the Department of Transportation, I am not interested in running in this race but maybe others in the community are?  

Maybe former or current Dunwoody Mayors, City Councilmembers, State Reps or our County Commissioner might be interested?  Who would you support from our community to represent us on a National level?


Tom Taylor said...


From what I have heard, this is a pretty accurate and up to date list from the AJC. Both Senator Millar and I have been contacted by some of the folks on this list.


GaryRayBetz said...

Hey US Representative Tom Price, who's now nominated as president-elect Donald Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, as a medical doctor how do you square Trump’s mocking the disabled, his brags of sexual assault, and his overt bigotry with your physician’s ethics? Or more aptly – how do you sleep at night, knowing you’ve sold your soul?