Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Help Needed for Paralyzed Vanderlyn Custodian Victor Shumate

A friend forwarded me the heartbreaking Facebook post about Mr. Vic Shumate, the Custodian at Vanderlyn Elementary School who is now in a very bad condition due to his battle with COVID which has left him paralyzed.  Below was the post that was shared on Facebood and after donating to the cause via the links in the middle of the post I reached out to the family discuss Vic's condition and receive a photo.  If you are able to give a donation, please do and please share to those who may assist.  John

Many of you know Victor (Vic) Shumate as a dedicated, hardworking and caring person. He always made himself available to anyone who needed his help and he never met a stranger. Today, Victor needs us. 2020 was an overwhelming year for everyone! The “new normal” meant we lived our lives by missing family gatherings, altered work schedules and finding new ways to entertain our families. In November, the Shumates were hit with the one fear they had been protecting themselves against, COVID. Thanksgiving Day last year was spent waiting for their COVID results. Victor, his wife and daughter all tested positive for COVID the following day. Eventually, after four days in the hospital for Victoria who had breathing issues from COVID, everyone recovered and life returned to their new normal. However, in late January 2021, Victor began to feel coldness and numbness in his feet that began to travel up his legs. Preliminary doctor visits, led to appointments with a podiatrist and urologist. Meanwhile, his ability to walk was fading fast and he had to begin using a cane to walk.
On February 3, 2021, and after his 11th fall at home, Victor was hospitalized due to the numbing with minimal use of his legs. Many tests were run, biopsies conducted, blood drawn, and clinical trials evaluated to determine what was causing Victor to lose the ability to walk and the paralysis that began traveling up his body. He also lost the ability to use his hands and arms. Tests determined that Victor had inflammation around a part of his spine and he was diagnosed with COVID induced myelopathy, a nervous system disorder that attacked his spine. To address the inflammation, his doctors ordered several treatments. The treatments included high doses of steroids, that caused his blood sugar to spike so he had to begin taking insulin. Another treatment included seven rounds of plasmapheresis that entailed Victor having to lay in one spot for three hours at a time while his plasma was run through a cleaning process. The last treatment involved several rounds of a mild form of chemotherapy. None of these treatments were successful and three months later it’s still unknown why this sudden change has occurred in Victor’s health. The doctors called him a mystery and even sent his test results to the Mayo Clinic for answers. ALL TESTS CAME BACK NORMAL, yet he continues to be paralyzed in a quadriplegic state.
This traumatic event has impacted Victor and his family resulting in long term hospitalization (three months and counting) and time away from his family, friends and co-workers at Vanderlyn Elementary. He now depends on a team of medical professionals to provide medical care and basic everyday care like drinking a glass of water. Through it all, Victor has remained in good spirits with prayers and calls from his extended family, friends and co-workers. Our goal now is to do more by combining our work and faith in God on behalf of Victor.
In support of Vic, we are hitting the pavement by organizing a virtual VICtory Walk fundraiser. Family, friends and supporters are asked to get active by logging the steps/miles you walk, jog or run beginning May 16th through May 23rd. There are no set rules to determine what you give as every amount is deeply appreciated. We just ask that you track your steps/miles through your smart phone or pedometer. Donations can be sent through the following platforms:
PayPal: https://paypal.me/VICtoryWalk?locale.x=en_US
Zelle: 404-550-5198
Cashapp: $Famisit
Venmo: @Rita-Jones-50 (if needed - last four of phone is 5198)
Your support will be used to help make the home modifications needed for Victor to be able to safely return home, as well his continued medical care.
At the end of the week, we will announce the person that walked the furthest and the total amount raised. Please be sure to post pictures and include the hashtag #VICtoryWalk #Philippians4:13 during the week of May 16th through May 23rd.
Please accept our humblest thanks for your partnership, friendship & love. Every step taken is a VICtory step for Victor, Renee and Victoria. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email itsafamilyaffair2021@gmail.com or contact one of the admins of the group  (Shanay or Tamika).

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