Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thanks for your participation on proposed ordinances.

Last Thursday I asked residents to review the proposed ordinances and received eight insightful responses which I then forwarded on to the rest of the council. There is quite a bit on the agenda for this evening and it should be a good meeting tonight at 7 pm at Dunwoody United Methodist Church. Public comment is at the front of the agenda and I encourage the community to participate.

Updated Agenda
  1. Boyken Status Report.
  2. Report of the Overlay Task Force (as it relates to the original overlay).
  3. February Financial Report.
  4. Request to initiate a Zoning Code amendment to reflect internally consistent language.
  5. FIRST READ: Ordinance to amend Chapter 14 - Development and Environmental code to reflect internally consistent language and EPD requirements.
  6. FIRST READ: Ordinance to amend Chapter 7 - Building Code to reflect State mandated changes and complete text.
  7. FIRST READ: Ordinance to adopt Chapter 28 - Illicit Discharge regulations.
  8. FIRST READ: Ordinance to amend the Property Maintenance Code.
  9. FIRST READ: Ordinance to adopt Chapter 26 - to establish a Stormwater Utility.
  10. Discussion of Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.
  11. Resolution establishing a Georgia Fund 1 account for Hotel/Motel tax.
  12. Discussion on schools.
  13. Discussion of SB164. Clear cutting for Signs?
  14. Discussion of HB516. Mobile Homes allowed anywhere?

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