Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dunwoody City Council Meeting of Nov 16th with full audio and video

Dunwoody held a special voting meeting to change our workers compensation insurance which we did under necessity and then a motion was made to reconsider the 2010 Budget regarding the City Council health insurance line item which failed to pass when a vote was taken.  There was a small break and then the regularly scheduled work session was held whereby no votes were taken.  It was a long emotionally draining evening so I will just let you listen to the audio and video if you are so inclined.   Reminder that the video allows you to jump ahead but I recommend that you have the agendas in hand when doing so.  Links below.

Please feel free to talk amongst yourselves, I'm going to bed as I have a dentist appointment (with Dr. Marsha Gordon - highly recommend) in about 6 hours and then a full day of work following.  Good night.

Video of Nov 16 Special Voting Meeting and published agenda

Audio 1. Start of meeting

Audio 2. Public Comment

Audio 3. Workers Compensation Insurance

Audio 4. Reconsideration of 2010 Budget - City Council Health Insurance

Video of Nov 16 Regular Work Session and published agenda

Audio 1. Start of meeting & public comment

Audio 2. Introduction of Michael Smith, Public Works Director.
   Introduction of Adriane Creety, Assistant to the City Clerk.

Audio 3. Discussion of backyard chicken raising ordinance.

Audio 4. Discussion of proposed CVBD FY 2010 Budget.

Audio 5. October financial report.

Audio 6. Resolution to adopt fees related to:
   Taxi licenses and escort services

Audio 7. Discussion of business license ordinance.

Audio 8. Certified City of Ethics discussion.

Audio 9. Discussion of Dunwoody Village Design Review Advisory Committee.

Audio 10. Update on contract award for Dunwoody Village TE design.

Audio 11. Discussion of Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Community.

Audio 12. Update on Radar Signs. Sussessful reduction in speed - signs two weeks out.

Audio 13. First Read: Ordinance to amend Chapter 14: Land Development and Environmental Protection re: Sedimentation and Erosion Control.
Audio 14. Discussion of amendment to Chapter 27: Zoning: Pre-submittal meetings.

Audio 15. Discussion of amendment to Chapter 21: Signs §12: Non-Residential Zoning District Sign Regulation.

Audio 16. Discussion of Census 2010 Complete Count Committee. Great Dunwoody census preview here.

Audio 17. Discussion of utility contractors.

Audio 18. Initiation of text amendments.

Audio 19. Public comment


John Heneghan said...

Video links are now corrected.

JerryGarcia said...

In Dunwoody staff’s memo related to fees [taxes] on escort services, they wrote:
“Staff completed a study of area rates charged in Sandy Spring, DeKalb County, Johns Creek and Roswell. Staff determined the rates charged by each area are fairly consistent.”
Yet, at the city council work meeting, they were asked what DeKalb charges (since they said they studied their rates). The answer: “Despite our numerous attempts, DeKalb County was unresponsive to that information. So, we were left with evaluating other municipalities.” Why did they write a memo to city council saying they looked at DeKalb’s rates when they did not? Staff needs to be careful what they write. This is sloppy, unprofessional and unacceptable. Are there other mistakes [untruths] in their memos they need to confess? Makes one wonder. And they also say the fee [tax] is what it costs to issue the license. Really, how many hours does it take to issue the license? Aren’t the fees for background checks separate?

Bob said...

Welcome to the world Dunwoody politics. Although most of the City Council denies they are political, most of them have become so. Slip in a $70K compnsation increase in the new budget, Pass it and then discuss it, try to call a do over.
It is not that I am against allowing them Health Coverage, in fact I know the amount of work and effort they all put in to this "part time" job, it was the way is was done.
For the record I think they are underpaid and should be afforded health coverage, but do not back door it.

That my friends is playing politics. Good old fashion politics

John Heneghan said...

Crier Article regarding Monday's meeting


Rick's Dunwoody Talk spin on a few items discussed Monday.