Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear future Dunwoody bank robbers...

Another Dunwoody Bank Robbery - Bank of America on Jett Ferry

Is it just me or am I noticing that our banks here in Dunwoody are being robbed on an almost weekly basis, with another one happening just today. Am I noticing this because I am always looking for interesting news stories to share or maybe it's because I'm on the City Council or maybe, just maybe people are just so desperate in these hard times that the number of robberies are in fact up. I am not sure of the crime rate stats but I think I have a solution.

Dear future Dunwoody bank robbers,

I am thinking about proposing a new law, here goes...

WHERE AS, the City of Dunwoody seems to have more banks per square inch vs other communities and
WHERE AS, the City of Dunwoody banks seem to get robbed more often then other communities and
WHERE AS, every bank robber photo I have ever seen has a baseball cap or other hat on...

I by the the authority of this blog make baseball caps and other hats illegal to be worn inside any Dunwoody financial institution otherwise you will be considered an armed and dangerous bank robber upon entry and subject to us opening an immediate can of whoop ass on you.

You have been warned, now have a nice day.


Brian Morton said...

Banks in Florida have a similar policy in place.,2933,324197,00.html

I don't see why it couldn't be made into a law. It doesn't rain or get cold inside of the bank, nor is it particularly sunny. There's no reason why someone shouldn't be able to remove all head coverings and tinted eyewear when they enter. During the summer when I typically wear sunglasses everywhere, I always remove them when I enter the bank just to make the tellers a little less twitchy.

John Heneghan said...

Awesome, let's push for the change statewide.

Bankers Association Wants 'No Hats, No Hoods, No Sunglasses' Policy

Anonymous said...

John, this is great. I am fully behind this. To be honest, I have never understood why hats and sunglasses and the like were allowed in banks to begin with. This also made me laugh, which is always welcomed on a Friday! Hope you're doing well and I run into you somewhere soon!

Sam Lamborsky said...

Careful with that picture, it looks like a white middle class man who may be a resident of Dunwoody.

Just remembering how some on this board responded to my mentioning the Dunwoodynow guy being arrested a few weeks ago.

We can talk about crime in Dunwoody as long as it is not someone who lives here :)

John Heneghan said...

Bank Robber update.

Honestly why isn't there a law against hats? Watch the video, every bank robber I have ever seen wears a baseball cap.

John Heneghan said...

Gee this article in the AJC seems familiar.

AJC - Were area bank heists pulled by same lunchtime bandit?

I heard that the hat law was discussed once but someone thought it would discriminate against toupees.

Sam Lamborsky said...
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Sam Lamborsky said...

And now begins the robberies of Dunwoody fast food restaurants.

Is it just me or has crime increased since we became a city with our own police force?

Build it and they (criminals) will come???

John Heneghan said...

Is this the Dunwoody bank robber without a baseball cap? Click link below.

Bank Robber Caught?