Monday, November 9, 2009

Help your fellow Dunwoody residents, please bring a toy to Monday Nights City Council Meeting.

Dear Dunwoody Community,

Since April 1, 2009 my colleagues and I have been overwhelmed and amazed by the support that the citizens of Dunwoody have given us. The continuous show of appreciation is truly a blessing and goes a long way.  So much has been accomplished since April 1st and it could not have been done without the support of our great community.

This holiday season, we’d like to reach out and join forces with our citizens, businesses, and officers alike to make this Christmas a memorable one for the many children of Dunwoody who are less fortunate.

Like most communities, the City of Dunwoody has some children who will not be able to have a special Christmas because their families can’t afford it.  Most of these children live on the east side of Dunwoody in four apartment communities. Many of these children love Dunwoody police officers and like you, express their appreciation every chance they get. Nothing warms the heart of a Dunwoody officer more than when those children run out and meet the officers on patrol just to say hello or take a peek inside a cruiser. Many of these same children will surely have a tough Christmas because of the state of the Nation’s economy and this, my friends, is not acceptable.

Our plan is to sponsor as many needy children as we can who reside within the city limits of Dunwoody. We hope to collect at least one gift for each pre-registered child. Registration will begin immediately after sufficient community support is gathered and commitments are made. On a chosen day prior to Christmas Day, we will invite the children (along with Santa Claus, who happens to love this idea and has already committed his support) to an ideal location for a party. The Christmas for Kids party will consist of refreshments and all the other merriments that will surely put a smile on a child’s face. We hope that all our supporters can also attend and share in the joyful festivities.

Here is what we need:
  • New, unwrapped gifts of all types, for all ages from infants to early teens.  Toys will probably be the most ideal and best received; especially by the little ones.


  • Volunteers for collecting and wrapping gifts, and for organizing the party.
  • Refreshments, decorations, and lots of Christmas gift wrap and tape!
  • A nice clean outfit for Santa as his is old and needs to be replaced.
Registration will be administered primarily by and through Dunwoody officers who regularly encounter these families and their children.  Considering that this event is a first, there may be adjustments made along the way, but Dunwoody police officers are experts at making things happen in a short period of time.

This will surely be an event worthwhile for everyone involved and one that these children won’t soon forget!

If you or your organization can help, please contact Officer Fidel Espinoza at or our Chief’s Executive Assistant, Liz Stell at or 678/382-6906.

Thank you in advance.                Officer F. Espinoza

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Unknown said...

THANK YOU, John, for posting our letter to the Dunwoody community!

Just a quick update:

Our Dunwoody residents, local businesses, and organizations have once again shown their tremendous support and spirit by stepping up in numbers to volunteer and host gift collection sites, which we will be posting shortly.

We now have more than enough "Santa's Helpers" but are still looking for unwrapped gift donations as well as wrapping supplies. Donations can be dropped off at Dunwoody P.D. We are open 24/7.

Thank you to all who have volunteered in this great cause!

Be well.

Liz Stell, Dunwoody P.D.