Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dunwoody Police Explorers paint Curbside Numbers for Jack and Jill, Late Stage Cancer Foundation

The Dunwoody Police Explorers have taken on a new challenge. Starting this month the Explorers will be painting house numbers on the curbs for citizens for a $20 donation. The Explorers plan to give 50% of all donations received from this to the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation.

Despite the advances in research, The American Cancer Society estimates 571,000 Americans died of cancer this past year and sadly expects this figure to remain exceptionally high for years to come. Cancer will claim thousands of Dads and Moms in their 20's, 30's and 40's leaving behind grieving children. The Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation treats families to WOW! Experiences®, giving children who will lose their Mom or Dad to cancer a timeout to create indispensable memories as a family... while they can. As the national Oncology community admits, cancer is a diagnosis attacking the entire family. The Foundation flies in the face of Late Stage Cancer with smiles, joy, and a return to normalcy for these families.

The Explorers will be painting the numbers on Saturdays from now through the spring of 2010. They plan to present a check to the Foundation in the spring of 2010. If you would like to have your house numbers painted or just make a donation, please contact Officer Furman at (678) 382-6913. (The citizens making the request will need to determine if this is within the covenants of their neighborhood.)

Thank you,

Officer W. Furman
Community Outreach Unit
Dunwoody Police Department
41 Perimeter Center East, Suite 100
Dunwoody, GA 30346
Office: 678.382.6913  Fax: 770.396.4655

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