Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dunwoody to look at the chicken issue again - much stricter than Roswell proposal.

I believe the Dunwoody City Council will be discussing Back Yard chickens again on Monday, November 16th. The proposed ordinance would allow eight chickens (no roosters) and the birds would need to be caged and housed appropriately. The proposed Dunwoody ordinance can be found here and it is much more strict that the proposed Roswell chicken ordinance described in the story above.

On Monday the USA Today had an article on back yard chickens with Andy Schneider "the Chicken Whisperer" being quoted.  It should be a lively discussion.

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Chip said...

Councilman John:

I believe the draft ordinance is acceptable except for two points (and maybe these are covered elsewhere in the city code)....

1. Fines or punishments for violations of the rules.

2. A method for revoking the permits if the resident violates the requirements, perhaps a "3-strikes and your out!" approach.

Just some thoughts...