Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video & Audio of the Nov 23rd Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Passed by Consent Agenda
Approval of CVBD 2010 Budget.
Resolution to adopt taxi license fees.
Resolution to adopt escort services fees.
Certified City of Ethics Resolution.
Resolution to adopt Action Plan for Bicycle Friendly Community.
Chapter 14: Land Development and Environmental Protection, §11 Sedimentation and Erosion Control.

Ordinance to amend Chapter 27: Zoning: Pre-submittal meetings.
Resolution to adopt Business Occupation Tax Schedule of Fees.

No Votes
PUBLIC HEARING – Amendment to Chapter 27: Zoning, Personal Care Homes
PUBLIC HEARING – Chapter 21: Signs
Discussion of golf carts.
Backyard chicken raising. (back to cc & planning commission.)

Intro   11232009_1.mp3
Public Comment  11232009_2.mp3
Consent Agenda    11232009_3.mp3
Pre-Submittal meetings   11232009_4.mp3
Business Taxes    11232009_5.mp3
Personal Care Homes    11232009_6.mp3
Signs & golf carts    11232009_7.mp3
Backyard Chickens   11232009_8.mp3
Public comment - end 11232009_9.mp3


Bob Fiscella said...

I commend the council, John in particular, for listing intently, raising the hard-hitting questions and then voting accordingly at Monday night's session. The city of Dunwoody is better for it!

Anonymous said...

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