Thursday, January 14, 2010

Backyard Chicken proposal fails Dunwoody Community Council by a 3 to 2 vote.

In a long meeting with much public discussion both pro and con, the Dunwoody Community Council voted to recommend the denial of the matter of backyard chickens.  The item will now go before the Dunwoody Planning Commission and then the City Council for the final decision.

Rick Callihan over at the Dunwoody Talk blog gives a detailed account of the meeting, check it out.


Bob said...

What is amazing me most about this idea of chickens, is the refusal of those who are suppose to be leaders of the community, to even visit a back yard chicken coup to see for themselves what this is all about.
The negatives are all based on unfounded fears.
Chickens smell.....,
but they know that only because they heard Councilman Ross say it or Councilman Shortals childhood memories.
Back yard coups do not smell. Go check it out
They are make too much noise....
Not one person who spoke last night testify to that fact and no one who spoke against had ever been to a back yard coup with 6 chickens

Chcikens will lead to PIGS an GOATS COWS and HORSES......
This is not a precedent setting change. The permits for chickens DOES NOT lead to other farm animals. We hear that, but no one can say where it has happened before and where any city who allowed chuickens were then FORCED to allow pigs or goats

Chickens attract rodents....
Then everyone in Dunwoody who has a bird feeder better stop feeding the birds.

Last night one Commissioner was invited to inspect a backyard coup and he dodged the question for 5 minutes. He came to the meeting with a no vote in his mind and would not let any facts or testimony change his mind.

So much for open minded government.

Here is a novel idea, take the time to learn about what you are so afraid of. Better than voting in the dark or becasue you wife told you to

Bob Fiscella said...

Obviously all Bob's don't think alike.
I back the community council's decision to ban backyard chickens. I have nothing against chickens. As a matter of fact, I think it should be a "no ask, no tell sort-of-policy." Unless a neighbor complains, I don't think our police department should be wasting its time running down residents who have a few chickens in their backyard and are keeping them in a responsible mannner.

However, we all know that some residents are going to want to keep chickens, and slowly but surely will not tend to the upkeep; the chickens will become a nuisance for the neighbors and neighborhood. The question becomes, will the city, at that point in time, be able to respond in a timely fashion?

I did an informal poll of my neighbors, and they are against chickens.

Bob - your opinion my not have prevailed in the vote last night, but your Crimson Tide is still the national champions! I doubt you're willing to trade off.

Mom99 said...

I knew I didn't want a City of Dunwoody. People are now spending hours of their time debating the silliest things. Chickens, who cares if a few people want hens in their yards. Why do we need a new law for chickens? It's really sad to see someone vote against the chickens because his wife told him to...Why don't we put it on the ballot and have a fair vote? These are the same folks who want less government-Really what they want is lower taxes and more regulations....