Thursday, January 7, 2010

70 % of your property taxes go to the DeKalb County Board of Education. Are you paying attention or just paying the bill?

The DeKalb County Board of Education collects 70% of your property tax bill (see sample) and has a goal to ensure fiscal responsibility in order to maintain safe and healthy learning environments that support academic programs, resources and services.  Do you think the Board is succeeding at ensuring fiscal responsibility?

How is the Superintendent's "Premier DeKalb", blueprint for making DeKalb the premier K-12 school system of choice through his seven strategic pieces which are leadership, data analysis to ensure quality decision making, customer service, accountability, access and equity for all students, training for all employees, and unity. With leadership being the capstone of this blueprint, Dr. Lewis has galvanized all employees with the rally cry of "Premier DeKalb ... One Direction, All Schools, Every Student!"  How's Dr. Lewis doing in making DeKalb the premier school system that it could be?

Check out the video from a recent news story and the links below (be sure to read the public comments) to each item if available to assist you in making up your own mind on the above questions.

Friends & Family?

Does anyone need a car, freshly serviced and painted?

Hey BOE... I  want mine Now! Preview of Video above.

New computer system in place to make things easier?

Who needs ethics?  Not us.

Construction Hanky Panky with your tax dollarsAJC story and background on the issue.

Newly equipped wellness center for staff?  It might cut down some of the Mr. Potato Head bloat?

Are you paying attention now?


dpgroupie said...

Yeah, I also heard Crawford Lewis is getting a $15,000 pay raise?? At a time when everyone else is getting pay cuts (esp police)and services and jobs are being cut, it's pretty sad.

DNC said...

Top of my Christmas wish list: that legislation in Georgia change to allow Dunwoody to have our own school system. We can get the same positives and quality as forming our own city. PLEASE!

JerryGarcia said...

I believe Dunwoody would do a better job running our own school system than DeKalb. Sadly, there is way too much corruption in DeKalb - so we need a completely new start.

Tom T. said...
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Tom T. said...
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Bob Fiscella said...

Crawford Lewis getting a $15,000 raise during this financial crisis is a joke! One of the members of the school board who voted for the raise said he was worried DeKalb would lose Lewis. As a tax payer, I would have been willing to take that chance. I'm more concerned about losing quality teachers, none of whom received raises!

By the way, our Dunwoody board member Jim Redovian, as I understand it, voted for the raise. To me it seems like Jim has done a very good job, but as far as I'm concerned, he was wrong in voting for the raise. At least at this point in time. Lewis is going no where!

Jim - if you read this blog, can you please explain to the tax payers why you voted the way you did. Perhaps we will understand.