Friday, January 29, 2010

City Council planning retreat moved to Dunwoody Embassy Suites, this Sunday.

The Mayor and City Council of Dunwoody will be holding their annual City Council strategic planning session within the City of Dunwoody. Due to the current weather advisories issued by the National Weather Service, the site visit to Franklin, Tennessee is temporarily postponed until spring.
The focus of the session will remain the same. Mayor, Council, and key city staff will still meet to discuss and formulate plans for 2010. The session will aid creating a strong organizational direction, determination of top priorities, and better enable all parties involved to navigate challenges foreseen and unforeseen in the coming year.

The meeting is now scheduled to be held at the Embassy Suites Perimeter, located at 1030 Crown Point Parkway, beginning at 8:00 a.m. The strategic planning meeting is open to the public and Dunwoody citizens are encouraged to attend.  The meeting will be recorded and results will be published on the City of Dunwoody website.

City Council Planning Retreat
January 31, 2010 from 8:00 AM until ??

Embassy Suites Perimeter - Agenda
1030 Crown Pointe Parkway
Dunwoody, GA 30338

A) Arrive
B) Overview, Introductions
C) Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations
D) Review of 2009 Retreat Results
E) Listing and prioritizing of items identified by Mayor and Council
F) Discussion of priority issues and goal setting
G) Continue discussion of priority issues and goal setting
H) Other pressing matters needing discussion
I) Summarize agreements, wrap up and evaluation
J) Adjourn

Potential items that may be discussed:
1. Five year financial forecast
2. 2010 budget discussion
3. City Hall Project fund
4. Business License discussion
5. Police Services discussion
6. DeKalb Fire
7. 911 Update
8. Council Meeting/Work Session discussion
9. Agenda packet review process
10. Contract services discussion
11. Domestic partner benefits
12. Road infrastructure planning
13. GPC discussion
14. Sustainability
15. Emergency sirens
16. Noise Ordinance
17. Community Service for litter control
18. Public Information Officer discussion
19. Council expense accounts
20. Residential parking discussion
21. Comprehensive Land Use Plan discussion


Rick Callihan said...

You got to be kidding! I just told the wife and kids we were headed to Franklin so I could sit in on the retreat meetings?

Now I have to stay here in the rain?

I just bought tickets to see Diamond Rio at the Opry at the Ryman and put my snow chains on the Honda.

Does the Embassy Suites give out cookies at the lobby or is that only Fairfield Inn?

If staying in Dunwoody you guys should have gone over to the W Hotel and had after hours at Savu.

Helen said...


Not to sound cheap (although I am extrememely cheap!) but if the council is staying in town, couldn't the "retreat" be held at City Hall instead of using taxpayers' funds to rent another facility?

Rick Callihan said...


Part of the purpose of a retreat is to get away from the normal environment. I'd actually like to see the city spend a little more and have a professional facilitator run the all-day event. Looks like they will still go to Franklin, TN in the spring and Sunday's event will be a strategic planning session as planned, taking council up to the spring affair where they will surely have more hot topics to discuss and plan.

Helen said...


I'm all for a change of scenery, but can they pave my road first?

Ken Thompson said...

If we need a professional facilitator I hear Vernon Jones is available.

Here, there, now here and there---this is nothing but a waste of our money.

Jill C must be getting quite a chuckle out of this.